Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy Days

It's been pretty overcast the last couple days, and I've tried my hardest not to resort to TV. Yesterday was a success (today, not so much ... Reid just saw Elmo on his drinking cup and quickly closed the book we were reading and lunged for the remote -- but we are about to bundle up and go for a walk). 

I put a scoop of oats and a scoop of flour together in a pan, thinking Reid would eagerly mix them together.  He was actually being quite a pretty boy at first.  He didn't like how the flour stuck to his hand even after he tried to wipe it away.  So, I had to get down and mix it all up and "play."  Watching me do it seemed to convince him the flour wasn't dangerous ... and he spent the next hour making a mess all over the kitchen floor (which he was happy to help clean up, the boy loves a broom)!  We added water to some of the mix as well, and mad the little ball you can see in his cup.  Ball is possibly his favorite word, so that ball kept him pretty happy.

Then for dinner, we had Spanish Rice whichhe LOVED! I love that he feeds himself completely now, and I don't even mind the mess. Dad just took him right to the bath after dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen (which was perfect since it was too cloudy to do our usual evening family walk).

He LOVES his baths! And last night's was extra long. So overall the rainy day inside wasn't so bad. I just wish they wouldn't happen for days in a row. But it sure is green and gorgeous around here, so I guess I'll take it. 

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Scott and Claudia said...

That is the cutest little spaghetti face smile!!! Love it and can't wait to kiss it!! You were brave to add water! I can handle the dry, but no mixing with wet! Cute photos, cute post, cute boy, cute mama!

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