Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dare to Compare

***  I started this post three weeks ago, but I figured the title and topic was still fitting after Nell's arrival. Enjoy! ***

I have been much more of a nester with this little girly than with Reid. I have 11 freezer dinners all ready to go for those days I just can't get dinner on the table (I actually made 12 meals, but gave one to a family in the ward that just had a baby). It was so easy (and brilliant) to get all those meals prepped that I've decided I will always have homemade freezer breakfast items on hand (pregnant or not). I have muffins, french toast sticks, and breakfast burritos all ready for a quick warm up in the microwave. They, plus our homemade pancake mix, make our mornings so much easier and so much less cold cereal-y, which makes me feel like a good mom. That feeling ends once breakfast is over and Reid watches an hour of "tee." You can only win so many "good mom" moments, right?

With Reid my nesting mood was spent lesson planning and prepping my classroom for 6 weeks of absence. I guess it makes sense that with this little one my nesting has been spent meal planning and prepping my kitchen for 6 weeks of "absence." Funny how much my job has changed in two years time.

I've gained a little more weight with this little girl, but that's mostly because I lost more weight during that first trimester. So though I started and ended at about the same weight with both pregnancies, I really gained about five more lbs during each of the last two trimesters with Baby Girl. But I guess I'll let you compare ... the top photo is week 36 with Reid. Bottom is week 37 with baby girl. And yes, I snapped the photo in the same outfit on purpose.

*** Alright, now for some post delivery comparisons. I'll try to write a full post with Nell's birth story, so that she has her own special journal entry. But right now I'm in the mood to just compare the two different experiences. So that's what you are getting until I have more time and thought to do a full delivery and labor story.

Labor really started very much the same way as it did last time. But I never had Braxton Hicks with Reid, so it was the first time in my life I felt contractions, and I knew it was for real. With Nell, I felt Braxton Hicks back in June while I was at YW camp. Hmmmmm, I never blogged about camp did I?
It was weird that with Reid I knew when the contractions started and I knew they were for real ... even though I'd never had contractions before in my life. With this little girl I should have felt more prepared to know when the contractions were real and labor was on, but all the random Braxton Hicks from June to Sept just threw me off. So even though labor-day was very much the same, it took me a few hours to really believe it was all happening again.

With both kids, I had no progress until the day labor started. I really thought with all my Braxton Hicks contractions that I'd be a bit dilated before baby girl's actual labor-day. But I wasn't. That made my last prenatal checkups kind of disappointing, but in the end I'm really glad it all went the same way as before. More on that later, when I tell Nell's story.

When I was pregnant with Reid I worked out regularly and ate (mostly) healthy. That was NOT the case with Nell, and I'm really regretting it now. After I gave birth to Reid I dropped right down to pre-pregnancy weight.  It was AWESOME!!!  I credited Reid's size, but since Nell is about the same size I'm realizing those workouts are the real reason I dropped right down to pre-pregnancy weight. So let that be a lesson to anyone reading this -- if you want to loose baby weight quickly, the best thing you can do is work out and eat right during pregnancy. It seems like that sort of prevention is going to be a lot easier than trying to exercise during recovery, or ever with two kids!

For the last comparison -- pictures of the two babies.

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