Monday, December 10, 2012

Mommy Monday

Thought I'd better do an update on the kiddos since Nell is approaching 3 months and there are approximately zero pictures of her on this blog. Oops.

Brand New!  Less than 24 hours old!
Three Days Old

Nell has faithfully remained in the 90th% for everything at all her checkups. She was actually born with a head circumference of only 70% (trust me, the "only" is warranted after the monster that was Reid). But by her second check up her head had balanced out to the 90+% of the rest of her body.

She has a form of stridor, called laryngomalcia. I sensed it immediately after we brought her home from the hospital, but Ben assured me her "weird breathing" was just grunting. When I brought it up to her Dr at her first check up he mentioned all babies are noisy sleepers and she was probably just grunting, coughing, or clearing her throat. I only needed to worry if she made raspy noises. So I tried to ignore her weird breaths, but then one day it happened while she was wide awake. I noticed she wasn't struggling, so I tried not to freak out. It went away after a few minutes, and I wrote it off as some strange fluke. But then it happened again a couple hours later. We were at the Dr's office within an hour! The next day she saw an ENT and was diagnosed, but more importantly my mind was calmed. So long as she isn't struggling for breath there really isn't anything to worry about. She just needs time to grow out of it, just like her brother and his hydronephrosis (that he still hasn't grown out of at age 2, hopefully Nell's development is speedier).

I've concluded Heavenly Father is just trying to teach me not to worry (I hear my mother laughing out loud as she reads this). I've always thought He was trying to teach me patience ... but the fact that both my kids have minor (really, very minor) health issues that just require "waiting it out" makes me think He is trying to teach me not to worry. Wait it out; things will get better. There is absolutely nothing I can do about either of their lagging physical developments; just calmly wait it out.

Reid has been a pretty fabulous big brother. Whenever Nell cries he is sure to let us know "Nell crying Nell crying." He says it in a sweet, concerned voice that I just love. But my favorite sound is his "Hi Nell." Almost anytime Nell is left by herself, be it in her swing, on the floor, or laying in her crib; Reid is sure to run to her, get as close to her face as he can and say five or six times "Hi Nell." Totally melts my heart.

Each night as our bedtime routine winds to an end the first person Reid wants to kiss "night night" is Nell. He always wants to know where she is and has to check her out on the monitor first thing in the morning. Whenever she isn't around he asks "Nell sweeping," like he misses having her around. When he roams the house looking for me he often calls for "MaNell", or he points us out as such when we enter a room together. Ben has lovingly called us "MaNell" so many times I think Reid was confused for a day or two as to what my real name was.

Of course, he's wacked her with the TV remote (she was about 4 days old), a bouncy ball, and his own foot -- but she lives on. And perhaps more surprisingly, he lives on after each timeout. I'm fairly certain most incidents are accidents, but we still think it is important he learn not to play catch or act wild while Nell is in the room.

He has needed to be carried (or "carry") a lot more lately. And he always asks me to play with him whenever I start a feeding. He can play by himself for hours (which is the only way I ever get a shower in), but once it's time for Nell to eat he just can't play by himself. He reserves his best manners for that moment, and just stands by the rocking chair asking "Please play mommy."Even if he's in the middle of a big lego tower, once I start feeding Nell he has to pick up the whole project and move it to the foot of her rocking chair.

But I guess if that is my only complaint, I'll take it. Sure love my sweet kids!


Megan said...

Reid is such a "little Ben"! Your kids are adorable, Liz.

Claudia said...

They are adorable! I miss them so. I loved your story sis. I'm glad Reid is still being protective of his "Nell." I loved the pics...

Riki Lee said...

Love the picture of the two kids lying by each other! He's such a cute big brother and probably always will be.

Polly Blevins said...

Those pictures are so sweet. I am glad your only complaints are so minor. Congratulations again, your family is lovely.

Tiff said...

This is making me excited for my 2nd to come. Like most moms I'm a little worried about Quentin's reaction to his new brother once he's actually here. I like to hear all the good sibling stories :) What cutie pies!

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