Monday, January 28, 2013

Nelle Belle

I'm pretty sure my delivery story is the only time I've even mentioned my sweet Nell on this blog. Bad mom!

I can't believe we'll be approaching the 4 month mark in just two more weeks. It's cliche -- but time goes so fast. (She hit that mark yesterday, and had her check up today! ... sometimes I write up blogs and don't post them for weeks, cause I'm lazy).

I love how her little cheeks have puffed up. I could kiss and blow raspberries on them all day. I love the way her little body crinkles when she does her huge stretches. I love that she sleeps all night (11 to 12 hours) and has since week 8.

I love that her laryngomalacia has cleared up, and the ENT isn't one bit worried about her. I love that after crying for nearly an hour yesterday (while I was at choir practice) she calmed right down the moment I picked her up (poor Ben though, not sure I'll be in the choir much longer). We snuggled and she fell right to sleep, even though she still had the little shivers that come after a long sob. The girl just needed her momma.

Her life in a nutshell:
The first three days with her were perfect. We'd shipped Reid off to Grandma and Grandpa's and just enjoyed her. I read an advice blog-post the other day that said you shouldn't ship #1 off when #2 comes. I totally disagree. Reid loved the time with his Grandparents and we loved the time we got to spend focusing on our bond with Nell. I wouldn't have had it any other way. To each his own though.

Ben took about 8 days off work (plus the weekends) so that meant a lot of family time. On just his third day back at work my parents arrived, so Nell and Reid each still had enough attention givers to hardly notice any "sharing" of parents.

This picture is the reason I have taken so long to post this, I have editted it so many times but no matter what blogger pulls up the original instead of the edit and it is driving me CRAZY!!!
Her blessing was such a sweet event. All four Grandparents were present and our home teachers, David Morris and Aaron Palmer, stood in the circle. The blessing that stood out most to each of us was the gift of charity and compassion. She, like Reid, was blessed to seek knowledge. And other than that I don't really remember. I regret not being better about writing it down immediately afterward. We were spoiled in DC, a sweet sister from the ward (that I'd never even met) wrote it all down and gave it to us.

The poor girl had two colds by this time in her life. Definitely a 2nd child! Reid didn't get sick until he was a year old. Nell had a runny nose half of her life up until now. Feedings started going more smoothly by November and that really helped ease my nerves.

We were blessed with more one on one bonding time when Grandma and Grandpa took Reid over Thanksgiving weekend. I loved not having to disturb her naptime to rush her to a Reid activity. Catching up on my own sleep while she slept was even better. She was two feet "tall" at her two month check up and about 13 and a half pounds.

She really fell into a routine in Dec. I love that I can always rely on two long naps and one or two shorter ones. She developed great head control and started trying to kick herself over. She still hasn't ever flipped, but she loves to move her legs.

Our Beautiful Present

Over the Christmas holidays her Aunt Sam nicknamed her squeakers because she sings so much. Her eyes light up when she smiles. She seems to prefer just laying around to being held. Maybe it is because she has to get all her wiggles out and needs a less restricted view of her surroundings. She also prefers facing out or down while held.

She had her last ENT visit, and we were all thrilled that her stridor is gone. She weighed 14.1lbs (69%) and is 26.3in tall (99%). Her Dr (an Indonesian woman that we love!) suggested I give her an extra feeding or two, since her weight dropped 25% these last two months. I don't think the problem is # of times fed, but rather that she only feeds for 10 or so minutes. She's a light eater.

She made her first big giggle in the middle of the month, rolled over about a week later, and has been staying awake for 2 hours at a time. Definitely becoming more social! She cries when I leave the room for naptime, and the moment she sees me give in and return to her crib side all fussing stops.  I just hate to see her fuss because she's "lonely." After a few extra kisses she calms down, sucks her thumb, and goes right to sleep.

Love our sweet girl!


Casie said...

Oh my goodness! She's so cute! Loved the post. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the post. Love Nell. Love the fact that you posted again. I miss your blog, sis.

Love, Pa

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