Monday, March 4, 2013

How we've survived

I know this is technically only my 2nd full winter in Wisconsin, but it feels so much longer than the full and half winters we had in '12 and '11.

I don't think my life has ever felt so routine. Which is weird, because I was slave to a pretty solid routine during my teacher days. Perhaps it is that teachers get a holiday every now and then, and mom's don't really get those (although weekends with Grandparents are pretty close).

As I was wondering what the most boring thing on the planet I could possibly blog about was, I decided to share what our weekly schedule looks like. Super lame, I know. But one day, years from now, it'll be nice to have this simple reminder of how routine our life once was.

Monday morning we go to the library story time. Reid is usually more into playing with the trains, blocks, and puzzles than the actual story time, but I don't mind. This gives me a chance to socialize with other moms from the group.

Tuesday we go grocery shopping. Our grocery store is heavenly. If we go early enough and have only a few things to buy I'll let Reid push the little "shopper in training" carts. He loves it and I love that everyone in the 65 and older crowd ooohs and ahhhs at his adorableness. If my list is rather long or if the store is full of more than just the retiree crowd I take him to the Tot Spot. What's that you ask? Well, it's a free child care service. I seriously love our grocery store. The Tot Spot has all the toys a little boy could want, and he loves it every time. I always have to bribe him with a banana to leave. A banana, I know?!?!

We've been on a search for good Wednesday activities all winter long. Sometimes I'll schedule a play date, or we'll plan an errand run that might be fun for the kids to tag along on (seriously, if Sam's Club were closer he'd run around in there every morning). We found a fun little preschool class, but it costs $2.00. Not much, but if we show up and he isn't interested it feels like a waste.

Thursday morning is wiggles and giggles. After about two weeks of super cold weather I finally called the YMCA and asked what kind of toddler activities they offered. Wiggles and giggles was the answer, and there couldn't have been a better one. It's simply an open gym mad house. We love it, and I've made some mom friends there as well.

Friday may require some more grocery shopping (just for a fresh herb or something simple) or an errand run. But usually we stay home and do lots of laundry.

A couple afternoons each week Reid plays in the snow. Either he gets all bundled up and plays out there or I get out all the mixing bowls and bring some snow in to the kitchen for him. That boy loves the snow and often has to be bribed to come back inside. Not with bananas though, for this I bribe with chocolate milk.

His first snowman


He does most his snow angels face down, goof.

I've found I just have to get out of the house with the kids at least every other day. If the weather is really rotten we don't go anywhere for the day (expect maybe the library and wiggles and giggles). If Reid isn't out of the house by about 10:30 he has a major meltdown, but when the weather is too far below freezing that just has to happen.

I have the PBS line up memorized and we bake lots of cookies, but overall I'd say we've managed this cold, long winter well.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! That Reid is such a cutie. Won't be long now until you're home in "Delda" where you belong. I'm getting excited!
Love, Pa

Scott and Claudia said...

Cute post sis! You are such a good mommie! What blessed children they are!

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