Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Nell had her nine month check up today. Last night, in preparation, I read through the post I wrote after Reid's nine month check up. It's fun to compare. Nell seems so small compared to Reid (when he was a baby); it's surprising what a big difference five pounds can make when you are a baby! She isn't pulling herself up yet (like he was), but I am more than okay with that!

She weighs: 18lbs, 13oz (56%)
Her height is: 27.5in (55%)

Such a big girl!

She has her two bottom teeth. I thought they were coming in months ago, but they really just came in this June. She wasn't that fussy during teething. Just the usual nighttime screams. In the past when she'd wake up hollering in the middle of the night I'd think "oh, she's teething" and go comfort her. But then her teeth never came! When they did finally come I could tell she really was screaming for pain (not hunger or loneliness). She still feeds really well with her two teeth, which dwindles the tiny desire I have to wean.

She loves any toy small enough to fit in her mouth. Is that a universal baby thing? She'll have five or six of her baby approved toys within reach, but she'll crawl across the whole room to grab one of Reid's matchbox cars or to gnaw on the plugs behind the TV. Sheesh.

She's a great eater, and especially loves to feed herself. She still loves to eat her little toes, and loves sucking on her thumb.

She (hmm, maybe I can start each paragraph with she -- I'd give myself an F for this paper!) is an amazing army crawler -- an upper body thrust like no other. As I mentioned above, she isn't pulling up yet but she does love to stand when held. She has pretty good balance too, because I barely offer any support, but it does have to be human support. She won't stand supported by objects or furniture.

 Everywhere we go people comment on "what a happy baby" she is. All smiles, all the time. Really, calming her down takes little effort, and most the time I make Reid to it anyway! Honest, she rarely gets upset, and when she does I holler "Reid can you play peek-a-boo with baby Nell" and then I hear his little feet run into her room and the roars of laughter begin. The two of them love to giggle together. She giggles just when he looks at her, then he giggles cause "baby Nell happy." Lately he's been calling her Nell Belle and it melts my heart. I hope she's always his little Nell Belle. As they rode in the backseat of the car today I could just hear giggle after giggle. Neither of them said anything, they'd just make eye contact giggle hysterically. I wish I could bottle that sound up.

To be clear, things aren't always perfectly rosey. The other day she screeched so loud I ran into the front room to calm her myself. I have no idea what caused it, but later that afternoon Reid asked if he could step on Baby Nell Belle ...

Confession: I took all the pictures on this post with my phone, and I have no idea how I made the one a slide show gif thingy (below) and the other a collage (above). I think my new phone is a lot cooler than I'm worth.

Oh, and since I haven't posted her stats or check-ups in the past, I'm going to just jot them all down here for my own personal records (and the NSA, incase they don't have this info already):

4 days           9lbs 5oz (97%)      21in (95%)
2 weeks        9lbs 13oz (97%)    21.3in (65%)
one month    11lbs 5oz (97%)    21.3in (65%)
two month    12lbs 11oz (95%)  24.2in (99%)
four month    14lbs 2oz (68%)    26.2in (99%)
six month      15lbs 9oz (50%)    26.3in (76%)
nine month    18lbs 13oz (56%)  27.5in (55%)


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute pictures! Thanks for sharing the updates.

Claudia said...

Clearly you need to feed Nell more! Send her to Grandma's for a week and she will be, once again, in the 97% weight range! Cute, cute photos of some cute, cute kiddos!

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