Friday, September 6, 2013

Days at Home

I'm guilty of rushed parenting. In today's connected world, I think we probably all are. We rush our kids from one activity to the next. We sign our 2-year-olds up for preschools. Or even crazier, we create and teach those preschools. Swim classes, museum trips, afternoons at the park, and on and on. 

I'm totally guilty of it all.

But each week I have just one day where I can't force myself to go anywhere. Even if I really need to go somewhere, "Ready to go to the grocery store buddy?" I ask Reid on these days

"No, just stay home mommy," Reid replies as he climbs onto the couch to do absolutely nothing.

"You don't want to go play with the recycling truck at the store?"I ask, convinced this will win him over.

"No mommy. Just stay home. Play toys at home," and by now he's won me over. We aren't going anywhere today. We're just going to stay home.

I'll just lay in the shade of my maple tree and watch my kids grow. I'll literally watch them growing.

And I'll love it. I'll love it more than the library story hours, more than the playdates at friends houses, more than the errands ... definitely more than the errands. I'll love it because I'm simply enjoying my children. Not their activities. Not the fun ways I try to enrich their lives. I'm just enjoying the fascinating ways they grow.

 The whole process is truly a miracle.
 They put a lot of work into their growing.
 Bumps and bruises, sweat and tears, and smiles and laughter.
 And it goes by way too fast.
 Especially when we don't take time to watch the little steps along the way.
 The whole process of growing.
I'm in love with our simple days spent at home.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little girl you have! She is getting so big. Loved your blog. It is so true. We need to slow down and take time to watch our little ones grow, because before you know it -- those days will only be a memory.

Grandpa B

Megan said...

This sounds wonderful. Maybe if we had a yard this would work. Matthew is always ready to be done with our apartment by about 3pm and then we have to go somewhere, but I get what you mean. It's nice to be able to just watch them.

Scott and Claudia said...

Great post sister sue! Loved the photos of baby Nell who is growing up way too fast!

Troy and Lisa said...

Amen! I had a friend give me a hard time because we don't leave the house every day and she couldn't believe my favorite days are at home, but they are. The other days are ok and we have fun, but nothing like just playing at home.

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