Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last weekend I stumbled across various different blog posts about people leaving their church, or even Christianity all together. It started with this post, and I just linked from one to another to another and even came across a separate one by mere coincidence.

As I read through each of these I had this overwhelming reminder that Christ does leave the ninety and nine to pursue the one. I also had an overwhelming desire to do the rescuing myself. "Here's a copy of The Book of Mormon. It will change your life, answer all your questions, and help you find what you were looking for."

But I know life isn't that simple, because people leave the The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints as well. Actually, about six months ago I read many of those blog posts as well. Many were written by gay members who finally decided to walk away. Some were written by Mormons who were disciplined and possibly felt like the way back wasn't a worth while one. But the one that probably struck me the most was written by a young mother, who really gave no good reason for leaving. Her story left me with so many questions. 

She wrote a pros and cons list, and it felt so hollow to me. Pros and cons aren't about the number of items listed, they are about the value of those bullet points. 

Pros to having a million dollars:
1. I have a million dollars.

Cons to having a million dollars:
1. I have to figure out how to spend it
2. I have to fight the desire to be selfish in the ways I spend it
3. I have to try and understand various saving options
4. And the taxes would be a bummer.

But hey, guess what ... that one pro out weighs those cons!

I get that Christianity is messy. I totally get that Church-people can be the meanest kind of people. I know that some of the world's most educated minds stop listening the moment someone shares their religious beliefs, or as they call them -- superstitions. But none of that matters. The pros of my faith far out weigh any of the cons.

Even if I can only come up with a list of three pros. It is the greatest list I'll ever need.

1. My existence did not begin at birth and it does not end at death.
2. My Savior, Jesus Christ, died to save all man kind.
3. As I participate in and accept sacred ordinances, performed by the powers of the Holy Priesthood, I can prepare myself to receive exaltation: that beautiful blessing of living with my Heavenly Father and my Earthly Family throughout all eternity.

That is enough.

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Anonymous said...

That IS enough!

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