Friday, March 28, 2014

Nell is 1 and 1/2 years old!

Though she hit 18 months yesterday, we had her check up today. Here's her stats and, to keep things organized, ten things she is doing and ten things she loves.

Weight = 29 lbs 5 ounces, 96%
Height = 32 in, 65%
Head = 19.4 in, 99%

She Is ...
  • Using lots of words, and even two to three word sentences. "Where's Daddy" or "Where's Mommy" is a favorite. My personal favorites are "tickle, tickle, tickle" and "tank eww." 
  • She is pointing to her body parts and identifying them. When I asked Ben what his favorite thing she says was, he said hearing her point to her body parts and say them. She loves to squish her little nose and say "nooos." She calls both her eyes and her ears, eyes. 
  • She is such a great picker upper. The girl loves to pick up toys and put them in baskets and the likes.
  • She helps clean in other ways too. Like she loves to get her own diaper when it is time for a change and she also loves to help throw things away. It's practically a dead sprint to the garbage when I hand her something to throw away.
  • She is so independent. She has been spoon feeding herself since about 10 months old. She hardly makes messes anymore. Feeding isn't her only display of independence though, I can't think of many other hard examples, but this is a personality trait that seems to run pretty deep in our little girl. 
  • She is adventurous. When we go out in public she sees no need to stay by my side. 
  • She is down to one nap. Not my favorite thing, since she won't take longer than a 90 minute nap, but oh well.
  • Also, she wakes up by 6:00 am every morning, and she shouts "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Daddy!" We don't let them out of their room until 6:30, but she isn't catching on. 
  • She is easily amused. She still gets the hiccups if she giggles too much. I LOVE this about her.
  • She is a book monster. That girl loves to pull all the books off our bookshelf. Occasionally she rips the pages and it probably makes me more upset than it should. But she only rips the pages of our favorite picture books.

She Loves ...
  • Shoes! Seriously, she is such a girl when it comes to shoes. The brighter and the flashier the better. 
  • ^^^ This pop up toy. Can't figure it out, but loves it.
  • She loves coloring (especially emptying the coloring book drawer and eating crayons).
  • She loves conducting music. She's been flapping her arms at the sound of music for quite some time. Church music, my own singing, music from toys, whatever -- when she hears a tune she starts waving those arms. She points her pointer fingers and keeps the rest of her fingers in a tight fist while doing it; it's so cute! 
  • She loves giving raspberries. 
  • She loves to follow Reid. Sometimes I'll let him play outside by himself for a little bit and she'll just cry and cry and cry. I'm not sure if it is because she misses him or because she hates feeling like a baby while he gets big boy privileges. 
  • She loves yogurt. 
  • She loves bath time. She calls (non-drinking) water bubbles.
  • She loves lions, tigers and bears! Any large animal excites her (which might explain her love of that pop up toy). She calls most large animals "Li-o", but she also knows monkey and seems to be catching onto giraffe and horse. Reindeer, moose, and all other deer-like animals are "moose," and that's one of the reasons I love watching frozen with her -- she just points and shouts "moose, moose, moose" the whole time. So cute. Lions, tigers, and bears all are "li-o" and seem to be her favorite large animals. 
  • She loves getting ready and going places. Once she hears me tell Reid it's time to go she'll run to the door, pick up her shoes, and bring them back to me. She helps put on her coat and sometimes even brings me her hat/socks/mittens. 
She has always been a pretty easy going girl. We love her so much and are eternally grateful for the blessing she is in our lives. 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see, hold and hug her again. She is getting so big. Cute pictures and blog. Thanks.

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