Friday, March 7, 2014

Really quick takes

1. What is with me and my mind on Friday night. My Friday night posts always seem to turn into quick takes. I just sit here with several post ideas running through my head, but no idea as to which direction I should take. Within a few days I'll regret writing them all here, in one post. Come Tuesday I'll have nothing to say and I'll wish I had saved one of these ideas for that evening. I suppose I can keep these super short and elaborate another day if I really desire.

2. Last night I told Ben I started reading a book. "The Moments We Stand," I quickly confessed it was just another blog, but really it felt like a book. I couldn't put it down. I was sucked in and living Ashlee's life with her. It felt different from all other blogs I've ever read. It felt like a book. Each scroll to a new post was a page turn to a new chapter. It felt so good to read her story. Read it; read it like a book. You won't regret it. I'd be shocked if every Christian book publisher in the nation didn't start negotiating a contract with her. You will come closer to Christ as you listen to her pain, suffering, and love. Oh, and get a box of tissues.

3. The kids have been into dress ups lately. They both arrived to this weeks Preschool Co-op in uniform, Nell as a construction worker and Reid as a Western Sheriff.

Who wore it best?

4. Speaking of Co-op, when I went into the classroom to help out the mom who was teaching this week, Reid quickly told me to go away. Honestly, it felt like a compliment, the sweetest little compliment. I remember when my students would complain about something being so hard or me being so mean, and it felt like a compliment. Sometimes I even told them it was. One of the main goals of parenting (and teaching) is to make your kids stretch and grow. Reid not wanting me in that room was his way of showing growth. He doesn't need me in his Preschool classroom or his Primary classroom. He doesn't even want me there, and I love that!

5. I watched a boy just a couple months younger than Reid today. It reminded me of two things, 1) my kids are huge. Nell hardly looked any shorter than our guest and at least once while out in public it was assumed that Reid was the elder brother to our guest. 2) I'm so thankful we have a toy room now. It is such a small difference, but on a day like today when there are three littles running around it was such a treasure.

6. Also on today's agenda was a developmental screening hosted by our local school district. Reid passed with ease. One observer was impressed when he said "Look at my tall tower. It's tall like a skyscraper." "Does he always use sentences like that?" she asked. I told her he did, but I didn't tell her he had just watched Bob the Builder: On Site Building Skyscrapers a couple hours earlier while I mopped the kitchen floor.

7. Speaking of our school district. I think I need to get more involved. Go to some meetings. Something. There is a ballot measure April 1st, that if it doesn't pass, all middle schoolers will have to take study hall. I realize what I'm about to say is full Bassett, but no child of mine will ever take study hall! I also realize saying that is pretty much guaranteeing I'll have a child that actually needs study hall (though my parents never did). But seriously, mandatory study hall? Worst budget cut proposal ever! Yeah, I need to figure out a way to get involved. 

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