Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boys Night

Right now Reid and Ben are swimming at the YMCA pool. The slide is on tonight, so I'm assuming they are both having lots of fun. Reid was nearly impossible to wake from his nap. He slept until about 4:30, and that's after Nell and I both climbed all over him ... twice. Nell on the other hand, she didn't take an afternoon nap at all. So when Ben came home from work we enjoyed this super yummy split pea soup (yeah for leftover ham recipes!), and I told him he should take Reid swimming or for a pond walk. He choose swimming. What a sweety to obey my demands.

Nell was spoiled with a bubble bath, though I'm not sure she enjoyed having the tub all to herself. She missed her Reido and Daddy, but mostly her Reido. Those two are so in love. It makes my heart swell.

Updated with a picture of the boys enjoying some ice cream after swimming:

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