Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Weekend

Ben's parents came up yesterday afternoon to spend Easter with us. We were actually out shopping with the kids when they got to our house. Oops. The kids are always so excited to see them. Nell seems to call them both (but especially Grandpa) "Pop Pop", and I think it is adorable.

Last night Reid and I put some carrots and some candy in a couple of plastic eggs and then left them in a basket near the front door, for the Easter Bunny to find. This morning the eggs (five of them) were filled with candy and hidden throughout the house. The basket also had candy and was hidden in the kitchen cupboards. Best of all, though; were the two new toys. Nell found a Little People Disney Princess Castle on the train table in the toy room. Reid found an Imaginext Apatosaurus (he calls it a Dragon -- but it's a dinosaur) in the coat closet.

We didn't do clothes, since neither of them are in need of any new items. Ben and I each got a movie. The 25th anniversary Blu-ray of Princess Bride was in his cereal container. And Frozen was ... well on the dinning room table ... cause the Easter Bunny didn't need to hide it from me.

It was so fun watching Reid look for eggs and jump with excitement each time he found another surprise. He walked right past the coat closet (doors open) without noticing his dragon, but Ben told him to go see if the Easter Bunny left his shoes at our house. When Reid saw the dragon he's had his eyes on for over a month, he just knelt down and hugged it -- a big long hug. Why is that so cute to me?

Nell apparently knows the word princess. Who knew? But she was saying it while she played with her new castle. Later in the day I gave her Beauty and The Beast figurines to add to the castle and she quickly removed The Beast. She brought him all the way out of the toy room and put him on the stove. When I returned him, to the Little People bin, she seemed pretty concerned he was going to try and find his way back into the castle. Again, why are these little things so darn cute/funny to me? Sometimes I just want to write pages and pages of the mundane stuff that brings me so much joy. It is just amazing how much personality and opinion a tiny little human can have.

We drove up to Green Bay to go to the NEW Zoo, but the lines were so long (and not moving) that we just went to Cabella's instead. Nell saw a lion and a bear and Reid saw a beaver and a coyote -- so they were both pleased. We'll have to hit the NEW Zoo on a non-holiday weekend.

Back at home Ben put together the sandbox. I'm kind of a stink -- I don't really want a sandbox at my house, so instead we filled it with rubber scraps. I got the idea from a nearby kid's museum. They won't be able to make castles, but they can dig and pile to their hearts content.

Tomorrow we'll go to Church and come home to a yummy Easter dinner (I'll have to wake up early to get it prepped). It's a perfect holiday weekend. 

I had big dreams of doing something special each day leading up to Easter. But I failed, and that is totally okay with me. Last Sunday we made bunny baskets out of milk cartons (a childhood tradition for me) and tried to plant some grass in them. We must have over watered, because the only thing that grew was a little mold on top of the soil. 

And that's the only thing on my list that actually got done. Oh well, maybe next year. And if not then, oh well. My children will view their childhood as magical with or without all the gimmicks and lessons I carefully prepare for them. Simply having Grandma and Grandpa come visit for a weekend is as magical as it gets. The other stuff is special and exciting -- I'm certainly not trying to knock it -- but family time is what they'll really remember. 

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Anonymous said...

Loved the post. So is the sandbox inside? Glad Pop Pop and Pop Pop were able to come for Easter. The pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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