Friday, April 4, 2014

Inducted into Motherhood

I reached a milestone in motherhood today. I was in my bedroom, looking at a recipe (okay, and facebook) when I came out and found this:

Then I saw this one:

And this one:

And when I finally walked around the couch to really assess the damage, I noticed even the sides were decorated.

I took a big step back and was immediately struck with horror. My couch looked awful. I mean, I'd love a newer, nicer set ... but not because my perfectly good (overly priced) couch was destroyed!

First, I put Nell in her crib (I'd already taken the pen away about ten minutes earlier -- when I had no idea what damage had already been done; when I took the pen away I did see a mark on her shirt, so I took it off and shouted it, only the shout was actually scrubbing bubbles ... and I thought that incident was noteworthy, it was nothing compared to what I was about to find). < < longest parenth ever!! < <

Second, I went to facebook to ask my fellow mama's for help! Then I asked google. Google gave me this answer. I decided to try a cup of water + Tbl of dish soap + 2 teas of white vinegar. I used the entire cup+ of solution. I just started pouring it on the deepest stains. 

While I waited for the ten minutes of soak time to pass I read my friend Kim's experience. That gave me the confidence to scrub. Scrub, scrub, scrub. My fingernails were digging into that microfiber. I was practically out of breathe, I was scrubbing that hard. It was the only way to get that ink up. If you are dealing with an actual ink spill (think big wet circle) I would NOT recommend scrubbing. With thin, dark drawings your nails and elbow grease will be your best friends. 

I eventually let Nell out of her room and gave her a muffin. Then I tired to dry the couch -- an impossible task. 

By the time we left for Grandma and Grandpa's house (almost 2.5 hours later) the couch looked pretty close to spotless, but it was still a bit damp. So I guess I'll know the final verdict when we return Sunday night.

And Monday morning I am buying a lock for our pen drawer. 

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Scott and Claudia said...

What? You were not impressed with her artistic style? Sorry this post made me laugh!

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