Saturday, April 12, 2014

The vomits

I'm so over the vomits. Reid had three different stomach bugs from December to March. I avoided the February bug, but the other three were struck with it. Reid and I shared the March bug. For a more clear tally:

Reid: 3
Nell: 2
Ben: 2
Me: 2

That was as of 12:01 this morning. Nell woke us up at 1:00 with the vomits. They lasted for about three hours, and came every 20 minutes. When I realized how serious it was I put Reid in our bed with Ben and Nell, and I prepared myself for a night of holding my girl in the rocker. She wasn't great with the garbage can, when she started to whimper I'd put it to her face and she'd just whine "no" as she made the weakest head shake imaginable.  She often tried to turn her head away from it, so I eventually just let her battle it out on Reid's bed, I already had loads of dirty sheets and PJs, what was one more? Plus, on Reid's bed she was able to catch 12 or so minutes of sleep and I got about 3 between each round (I should note, Reid has a super strong mattress protector on his bed, and she was down to the heaves, so nothing was soaking through -- wow this post is way TMI).

By about 4:30 am I put her back in her crib and wandered in to my room. Reid had left about three inches on the edge of the bed, and I took it. I tried to move him over, but I was too tired to really lift him, and he was out cold. So I spent a good 90 minutes sleeping with most my body hanging off the bed.

Nell woke up shortly after 6:00 and only showed signs of drowsiness.  After a mid-morning nap she was practically the most chipper person in the house.

We attempted to run errands as a family around lunch time, despite the pouring rain and the germ infested child. We just needed to get out. Had we told anyone that Nell had puked less than 12 hours before they wouldn't have believed us. She was wanting to do and eat much more than we would let her. Though we were out in public (for like 30 minutes), I made sure she didn't touch anyone or anything. Just me (and her car seat I suppose).

I wish I could have spent the day catching up on lost sleep. But instead I spent it sanitizing the house and preparing for a talk in Church.

At least Nell got sick on a weekend, when Ben was around to help. And a really rainy one at that. We would have had to stay in side and watch a couple cartoons anyway. It rained for about 10 hours straight. A couple hours were heavy down pour. I kept checking our sump pump every hour or less. I just watched the ditches surrounding our property filling up like streams and flowing like rivers. The kid's afternoon nap was disturbed by a huge crack of lightning and clap of thunder. Honestly, when it first sounded it startled me. I jumped right up and started running to their room, knowing there was no way they'd slept through it (Ben did though). Sure enough they were both wailing before I even made it to the hall.

This definitely wasn't the Saturday I was hoping for. But we are all safe and (appear to be) healthy, our basement is dry and our grass (is likely) turning green, so I can't complain too much. 

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