Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bitty Baby

Sunday night I dug out my old American Girl doll collection, and this morning I gave Nell my (the original) bitty baby. I was planning on giving it to her for Christmas, but I guess I just couldn't hold out that long, because last night I left it in plain view on the kitchen table. She was so excited she couldn't even eat her breakfast.

Within the first hour she was asking for the "baby bottle." I used that as an excuse to go to the American Girl store here in town and buy her a bottle/burp cloth set. Nell was in heaven. She touched every doll accessory she could get her hands on. I definitely plan on going back for Christmas presents. The store here is an outlet, and they did seem to have items at a reduced priced. That's a plus. Also, the cashier immediately noticed our doll had on the original pajamas. I did check the value, and the original doll doesn't seem to be selling for anything more than a new one.

Nell spent most her day snuggling her baby as seen in the above photo. Baby also received lots of kisses, milk bottles, and stroller rides. Nell had a total breakdown this afternoon when Ben wouldn't let her take the baby, in the stroller, outside.

Reid also had fun with baby, but I couldn't decide if he genuinely liked playing with it or if he just liked how mad Nell was when he took a turn. Also, when I took pictures of her with baby he wanted his picture taken too. So ...

Good Night!

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