Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Odds

Reid was born 36 hours after his cousin, Jazella. Nell was due one day before her twin cousins, Noelan and Hudson. Because they are twins, they came several weeks early. But, Nell was born just 72 hours after her cousin Henry.

What are the odds?

The other day I saw someone on facebook commenting on how rare it was that she and her sister-in-law were due on the same day. "What are the odds?" she asked. Someone commented that the odds were 1 in 365 ... to which the original poster insisted that, that was way too generous "That's assuming we were both planning on having kids at the same time, but ..." and then she proceeded to list all the reasons that this shared due date was next to impossible.

I didn't comment. I didn't want to spoil her fun. 

I still remember when my little brother called to tell me his wife was expecting their first children (the twins). I let him have his excitement, and then said "So, I'm due Oct 1st." 

"What?!?!? Are you for real?!?!?"

I assured him I was not joking, and then he really got into it.

"That's crazy ... so Christmas holiday was good for you guys too, huh?" To which I had to tell him women are actually "pregnant" two weeks before they conceive, so it was more like a New Year's conception. But yes little brother, let's talk about our synchronized conceptions. That sounds fun.

With Ben's sisters, our due dates were actually almost two weeks apart each time. Their kids came a week to 10 days late and mine came a few days early. I actually went into labor with Reid just hours after Ben's sister Jess finished her c-section.  

Anyway, this was all a bit random and has nothing to do with staining our deck and play structure, or mowing the lawn, or making a trip to Costco ... which are all the fabulous things we did today. But I just wanted to share the randomness of my children's and their cousins' birthdays with the internet. 

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