Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brain Fog and Father's Day

At one point today I was like "oh, I'll do seven quick takes of all the funny things my kids did/said today." And right now I'm drawing a complete blank. How am I ever going to capture these moments if I can't remember them for more than 30 minutes!

Oh, yes, one is coming back. Reid and I went to Target to get Ben some Father's day items. He seemed to be wanting lots of one on one time today. Earlier, all four of us went to our grocery store and he refused to play in the tot spot but insisted Nell did. The moment the three of us walked away, leaving Nell behind, I could see Reid beaming with joy. He had his mom and dad all to himself and it didn't even matter that we were simply grocery shopping. Oh, the simple things in life.

Anyway ... when Reid and I returned home Nell came running to the kitchen door. Before I even left the garage behind she started bouncing up and down, "mommy, mommy, mommy."  Then, she saw Reid. He came walking around from behind the van and bam, I was forgotten. "REIDO! REIDO! REIDO!" she shouted with as much excitement as I've ever heard.

"I can tell who your favorite is," I said as I came walking in the kitchen.

From the living room I heard Ben add, "Yeah, really. She was asking all about him while you were gone."

Honestly, it melts my heart. I know she loves me, but it is even sweeter to know she loves her big brother most.

Speaking of getting Father's Day things. I had Reid fill out this questionnaire this morning while Ben did some service work for members of our congregation.

He was cracking me up while we filled this out.

Gosh ... I know there was another cute thing about Nell. And something funny Reid said ... but seriously the kids are in bed and my brain is turned off.  

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! Cute kids...

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