Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day of Fun

The kids slept till 7 this morning. They've been doing this occasionally, and it is such a treat! Although, today I was up at 5 anyway. But that means two whole hours of a quiet house all to myself!

Once they woke up we started chores. Reid was such a great helper. He scrubbed the toilet, mopped the bathroom floor, and washed the sliding door windows.  Of course, he had the bribe of breakfast on the farm motivating him. 

I left Ben home alone to work on some projects and took the kids to a farm just outside the city. The county has an annual breakfast on the farm late each spring. It was a huge event, but that also means it is well planned out. 

A tractor and trailor took us from the parking lot (aka a field) up to the farm. I had given the kids a light breakfast to hold them over till we got to the farm, so we did all the activities and tours first. Nell loved all the cows. She was moo-ing her little heart out. We also saw lots of barn cats, and she loved those as well. Reid loved the tractors and climbed on everyone he could. 

There were other fun activities, like butter making, cow milking (fake cow), basketball bowling, face painting (which my kids had no interest in) and much more. We stayed busy for almost an hour. The booths and events were mostly hosted by local FFA groups. As one High Schooler was demonstrating a cow shaving I told Reid about my 4H days and how I'd shaved a cow just like her (expect hers was in a sort of kennel, mine never were). He didn't seem to care, but one day he'll appreciate his mom's few farm moments. 

Breakfast was delicious. It was kind of tricky getting three plates by myself. Luckily one kind dad volunteered his son to help me. Reid and Nell were sitting in the grass near by, sharing some ice cream. When I went to get them Reid was in tears and Nell was fending him off like a soldier. He was not getting near her ice cream! I had to laugh that she was the one in charge of that situation. 

Oh, one more funny (which is probably only funny to me). After we finished all the activities I told Reid it was time to go get breakfast. I told him there would be some yummy sausages. Well, on our way out of the barn area the kids were each given a goody bag. When I sat them down with the ice cream Reid started searching through his goody bag, with a look of consternation. "I can't find my sausages!" He shouted as he started to pull out the coloring book and hat. Oh, it still makes me laugh. He was looking everywhere in that bag for his sausages! 

It wasn't long after we got home before it was time to get ready for the Town of Algoma parade. The parade, followed by a picnic in the park, is the Fire Department's annual fundraiser. I walked alongside Reid as he rode his bike down to our friend's house.  Ben was a bit ahead of us, as he pushed Nell in the stroller. The parade is the perfect size. Nell wasn't that into the candy, until they through out some suckers. That got her out of her chair pretty fast. The tootsie rolls didn't even tempt her to get up. Reid squealed with delight each time a handful of candy was tossed our way. It was a really fun morning to say the least!

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. The kids ate lunch (or was it just candy?) and napped once we got home. Ben went to the Priesthood session of Stake Conference at 3:00 and I went to the adult session at 6:00. While Ben was gone I took the kids to a graduation party for one of the girls at Church. I think this is the first Saturday in weeks we didn't just work in the yard/garden all day. We didn't even work outside once! Play, play, play was today's motto.   

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