Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello Summer!

Today felt like the beginning of summer. We had our last preschool co-op lesson. Only the two little boys were present, so we just met in the park and had a quick lesson on the letter E. Yeah for finishing the whole alphabet in 11 months! We did have two non-alphabet lessons, so that makes 28 classes. Not bad considering all the winter time sickies that kept our weekly class meets postponed.

Anyway, when I told Reid we'd be learning about Exploration he quickly said "I need to bring my magnifying glass ... and my binoculars!" I was shocked he made that connection, especially considering the mom in charge told me she had binoculars and magnifying glasses ready for both the boys and their little sisters. The binoculars were super clever; two toilet paper rolls painted, glued and stapled together with a string tied around them for hanging around the neck. Nell loved hers. Reid ended up bringing his pair from home, so I wore his homemade ones.

The two big boys were each given a wheel with all the letters on the alphabet and told to go exploring through the park. When they found something exciting they were to sound out the word and tab down the letter it started with. Reid was struggling, which didn't bother me at all.

"What does t-t-tree start with?"
"Umm, umm, this one!" as he pointed to C.

"What does c-c-clover start with?"
"Umm, umm, this one!" as he pointed to V.

He did find a sewer cap, which had "SEWER" written right on top. When asked, he quickly replied "sewer starts with S" and found the corresponding S on his wheel and folded it down. So, my end of the year assessment is that he knows what all the letters look like, but not what any of them sound like! I'll call that success for a three-year-old.

Besides the two beautiful hours spent exploring and playing in the park, his summer buzz added to the feel of summer's official beginning.

Nell shared a sympathy sucker and shed some sympathy tears. What a great little sister. The suckers may or may not have been their lunch. After the mess of a buzz (and suckers) we headed straight to the bath and then bed!

Once they woke from their naps we spent the rest of the day enjoying the weather and getting our yard ready for a farewell BBQ tomorrow night. Spending a warm day outdoors really recharges the soul. 

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Anonymous said...

Love the buzz!!!!

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