Thursday, June 5, 2014

Water, Pumps, and the Midwest

Yesterday morning our sump pump broke. Oh disaster. Though it hadn't rained since Monday, our pump still needed to be up and running. Luckily Ben noticed it early enough, and none of our carpeted areas had water on them. The pump was full to the brim and the cracks in the cement on our laundry/storage room floor were damp. Also, the bathroom flooded back by the toilet.

Anyway, the whole situation made me mad at the super wet, moist, humid Midwest and it made Ben mad at our house.

But tonight we took a family walk to our neighborhood nature preserve. The kids were beyond adorable. We watched tadpoles scurry all around the pond while listening to the croaks of frogs. Though it hasn't rained since Monday, the creek was much higher than usual and we could see where the banks had been flooded, meaning the creek was at least 7 feet deep at the height of the storm (it averages about 8 inches).

Enjoying the beauty of the preserve reminded me that I do love the Midwest. And hopefully it reminded Ben that he is grateful for home ownership, and mostly our location. I love our location.

I was impressed by how smoothly Ben replaced the pump. There were a few bumps, but I realized my man can be handy when there is a crisis. Hopefully we won't have many more of those though!

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