Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sickies on Fun Day

A couple days ago my mom was at the computer looking at bounce houses for rent. Reid caught on to his older cousins excitement and (like them) quickly decided which one he liked best. I figured he had no idea what he was really voting on, but I thought he might be excited when one morning the bounce house he favored showed up in Grandma's back yard.

Instead, he woke up (this morning) and vomited yesterday's juice.

I was probably more heart broken than him. I had been looking forward to his excitement. Now, I had to do everything I could to stop him from seeing his favored bounce house.

He watched about three hours of mighty machines in the morning. I sneaked Nell over to swim lessons for just 30 minutes, and during the hub-bub of changing the two of us into our day clothes Reid came downstairs looking for food, and found the beautiful bounce house and all his older cousins playing on it.

I took him outside to watch and let him wade his feet in the pool, and that quickly helped him realize he was not up for the excitement and energy that is required when playing with a bounce house water slide. So back inside we went.

I gave him a small lunch and promised him that if he could keep it in his belly until dinner time he could have his own turn on the bounce house. He was famished and insisted on eating a huge lunch ... but I stuck with something light and sent him to bed for a big nap. Seriously, a four and a half hour nap!

He awoke feeling much better, but still not fully himself. We skipped dinner and went outside for some fresh air together. I went down the slide with him a few times while everyone else was inside eating dinner, the more we went down the quicker he seemed to return to normal. By the time his cousins came out to play he hardly showed any sign of illness.

Here are two videos of the fun, and yes, Grandpa and Grandma both took turns going down the slide as well.

And I can't forget my sweet Nell!

She loved playing with Aunt Kristina!
And all those cousins may have finally gotten her into Princess dress-ups!


Scott and Claudia said...

Missing our sweet little Princess!!! She be so cute!

Scott and Claudia said...

Reid come again and we will get another bounce house when you are NOT sick!

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