Friday, August 15, 2014

7 Stories Worth a Read

Since Wednesday night I've been enthralled by the happenings in Ferguson, MO. I've gained so much info I don't even think I could compile coherent thoughts on the matter right now. So instead of my knowledge and opinions, I'll share the 7 most touching articles I've come across these last few days. On appearance they won't all appear to be related to Ferguson, but they are and they all matter.

1. Listen to this touching NPR Story Corps: After A Traffic Stop, Teen Was "Almost Another Dead Black Male"

2. an LA cop honestly killed an unarmed black man who was getting into a vehicle with his own two children after their morning exercise and bible study routine. What kind of world do we live in?
When The Media Treats White Suspects and Killers Better Than Black Victims

3. I don't like hashtags, but I'm loving the #iftheygunnedmedown movement on twitter. Brilliant. Heartbreaking and brilliant.

4. This former (Black) Police officer is heroic. I love the honest way he talks about his experiences: What Policing Looks Like to a Former Officer

5. So grateful Rand Paul is following his father's footsteps and continuing to talk about the mistreatment of minorities in our justice system (even though I think that cost his Dad big time). Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize The Police

6. I can't find just one article or video to sum this up well, but we MUST talk about the attacks on the Press: Video and Full Statement from Al Jazeer, Video and Full Statement from Washington Post. Best part about the Wasthington Post arrest is this twitter conversation.

7. And this is an article I actually read long before I'd even heard of Ferguson, MO, but the findings mentioned in the study just keep coming to my mind: My Son Has Been Suspended 5 Times. He's 3

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