Monday, August 25, 2014

Chores and Dress Ups

Several months ago Reid took over the garbage/recycling bin chore. He loves to move them off the side of the road once they've been emptied. He started helping me with this chore last Winter; I'd grab one bin and he'd grab the other. But this summer he took it over completely. He'd probably throw a fit if I tried to help out.

I often come across all sorts of chore lists for preschoolers, but I've found you can't really assign chores to a specific age. Some three-year-olds would cry if you tried to get them to pull the garbage bin up the driveway, but mine loves it. He can't make his bed to save his life, and I won't let him help out with the dishes, not yet anyway. Yet making beds and unloading the dishwasher are common four-year-old chores, and outdoor garbage and recycling bins aren't found on a single preschooler list. So we stick with what works for us around here.

He does love cleaning windows, vacuuming, putting dirty clothes in the laundry bins, and taking the laundry bins out of the bedrooms and pushing them down the stairs into the laundry room. Nell loves picking up toys and diaper changes -- she takes off and throws away her own diaper, wipes herself when I give the "clear" sign, and gets me a clean diaper as soon as I ask.

They are each responsible for chores they haven't picked up on their own -- like Reid has to clear the table and Nell has to get her hair brushed. But those are life skills just as much as they are chores. Really, aren't all chores life skills?

When it comes to helping out around the house, we simply pay attention to what chores they enjoy and encourage them whenever they are helping out.

Chores aside, don't you love that he is wearing a superman costume in the above photos? Makes them that much better. I love our dress up bin. Dabbling in it leads to trails of messes all through my house, but what is more creative than character costume?

Isn't this the cutest costume choice ever?
Construction worker, safari, Thomas!

And since I was praising little sister's mismatched dress ups, big brother had to get in on the action. 
"I'll be a army truck driver superhero!"

Gosh, I sure love these kiddos!


Amy @ Motherhood and Miscellany said...

The photos are so cute! My girls love "washing" things if I give them a spray bottle and rag. The floor is their favorite, I think :)

Anonymous said...

Cute photos!!

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