Monday, August 18, 2014

Time for a Quiz

Since I just can't get my mind away from the ridiculous race relations this country has, I've made an informative little quiz. Whether your answer is right or wrong, each link is sure to enlighten or entertain.

1. Many people know aspects of slavery continued long after the Civil War was fought and won. But do we know how long slave practices really lasted? In her book The Warmth of Other Sons, Isabel Wilkerson details the story of Eddie Earvin, who was forced to begin work in the fields of Mississippi at age 5, threatened to work with a gun to his head at age 17, and finally fled Mississippi with his sister and her two kids at age 20. They carried only a shopping bag of belongings and told no one they were fleeing north. What year was it that Eddie finally ran away from this descriptive slave life?
a. 1865
b. 1923
c. 1946
d. 1963

2. True or False, a 2001 study found that at least 406 black land owners had a total of 24,000 acres of land stolen from them. (read paragraph six for the answer, but you really should read the whole article -- at the very least, read the first chapter)

3. Michael Brown was the ______________ unarmed Black man killed by police in a ten day period?
a. first
b. second
c. third
d. fourth

4. In 2012, one black man was killed at least every _______ hours by armed police, security guards or vigilantes?
a. 64
b. 52
c. 38
d. 28

5. Of the above, what percentage either had a gun, toy gun, or cutting device and how many were confirmed unarmed? (answer found on page 24 of document)
a. 27% had weapon or perceived weapon, 44% were confirmed unarmed
b. 42% had weapon or perceived weapon, 29% were confirmed unarmed
c. 67% had weapon or perceived weapon, 33% were confirmed unarmed
d. 50% had weapon or perceived weapon, 50% were confirmed unarmed

Bonus question: True or False, I think anyone in the US who doesn't believe Black people, especially Black men, are at a legal and cultural disadvantage in this country either have their head in the sand or are willfully ignoring reality.

Finally, let's test your ability to look at a young black man and judge them accurately, instead of harshly.
What are these two separate groups doing?
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a) Looting the Ferguson, MO liquor and beauty supply stores
b) Peacefully stopping looters (a job militarized police not only failed to do, but actually told store owners they would not do).

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