Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Full Day's Recap via pictures

Yesterday I had lots of words, today I have lots of pictures.

Mommy's got the camera, so I'm going to throw a fit until I get one too!


"I read by MY-seff"

This is a dress my paternal grandmother bought me during her 1986-ish visit to Switzerland.

 Enjoying some fall weather on the WIOWASH trail.

 That boy loves his new horn!

Pretending she has "monies"!

Cruising along

Her favorite place to hitch a ride. 

Nice kisses! (others include nose kisses, eye kisses, silly kisses, and mouth wide open kisses)

27 weeks and 5 days!

They love their sister!

And their dad!

And each other (I love their giggle profiles).

 Taking a break to go down by the lake. 

 Lake Butte de Morts, that is.


He tried to get a little too close.

And fell right in!

 While drying off he asked me if he could try again and not fall in. Love that resilience!

He wasn't sure about getting extra close though. 

He happily rode his bike all the way back to the car.

Luckily we had that extra sweater. 

One last picture before the day is through!

This is Nell's "look at Mommy" face. Love it!

Happy Sabbath!

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