Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fun Filled Tuesday

We had another Turtle Tot class at Heckrodt Nature Preserve today. The theme of our lesson was "Seed Need." As usual we read a book and discussed our topic for the opening and then the kids were free to explore six to eight different learning stations. Reid spent 30 of his 40 minutes at the seed sensory bin (pictured above). 

He thought about doing the craft:

and/or planting some beans:

but he always made a quick return to the seed bin. Which was fine with me, I could bring all the art and planting supplies home for our own preschool time (which I did).

He did spend more than 60 seconds with his teacher at the seed blowing station. The fan demonstrated how seeds are carried by the wind. There were also some fuzzy animal puppets that you could lay on some seeds and see how seeds travel on animals. That was probably Nell's favorite station. Though, she also loved the books (true to character). The other stations included seed puzzles and seed exploration with a magnifying glass. 

The kids could wear big socks on their hand/arm during our hike, and their teacher would occasionally point out some plants and wildflowers they could touch with their sock. Then they'd look closely at their hand and see all the seeds they'd collected. But the highlight of our hike was stumbling across a snapping turtle hatching spot. The teacher and I each picked up a turtle and she then carried them to a nearby pond. The parents and kids stayed up on a bridge while she went down and released them. It was cute to see all the kids wave and shout goodbye to their new turtle friends. 

She took a picture of us from her spot down at the pond, and I bet it was adorable. 

After our hike we enjoyed snack time. Fresh strwaberries, vanilla waffers, and chocolate chips held together with cream cheese make for adorable little acorns. The strawberries were huge, but that didn't stop Nell. She had juice dripping down her face by the time we were done. Reid finished quickly and went right back to the seed bin. He seriously loved that thing.

For a great seed book idea, check out "Miss Maple's Seeds." It is Ben's favorite picture book to read to the kids. 

On our way home we stopped at the Wendy's where we'd helped the lost little girl last month. Reid remembered the whole thing (and that's why he requested the "potty" stop).

Back at home and later in the afternoon, we went out to the garden to dig up all our carrots. Reid was so helpful the entire time. I simply tossed the carrots into the yard and he picked them all up and put them in our bucket. He also helped shake some of the mud off. Once all four rows were dug up we began washing the carrots, and I think that was his favorite part. It was so joyful, sitting under our maple tree, washing carrots with my two little bugs. I sure love them.

They were both a giant mess by the time we were done, so we came inside and took a bubble bath. They couldn't wait for daddy to get home so they could show him the reward of their hard labor. I love our garden but I'm certain Reid loves it even more.

Before I go I have to share a funny from last night. I made Reid take a nap before ice skating lessons which meant he didn't have to go to bed at 7:00 with Nell (that's our new rule, either nap with Nell or go to bed at her bedtime). On the rare occasion that he gets to stay up an extra ninety minutes we try to do something special with him (like play games, build giant floor puzzles or go out on a special late night outing). I decided I'd take him to Target so we could pick out a family birthday present for Nell. I also let him take his sweet time in the toy section. We seriously spent over half an hour looking at all the different "boy" toys and testing how each one worked. It was nice not to rush him for once.

We finally made it over to the grocery section of the store so I could pick up a few items. While in the grocery section, he stood up on the cart seats, pointed his hand out, palm flat, and shouted in his best man voice "I demand everyone ..." I gave him a look that reassured his cuteness and we went through the entire grocery section repeating this action. By the time we made it to the milk (the one thing I actually needed) he was really getting into it. "I demand everyone to stop what they are doing and buy milk with my mommy!"

I know it isn't cute to explain, but hopefully jotting it down will help etch the moment into my memory. I have no idea where he picked up that phrase, or what he even thought his first demand should be, but his pose atop the cart seats was just too much to bear. That boy of mine is cute stuff!

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Mom said...

Those classes are just so fun! What a wonderful idea someone has come up with! Now you know what Santa can bring him... a tub filled with bird seed! Cute crafty edible with the acorn! I bet the kids love this event! I know I would!

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