Friday, September 19, 2014

Nesting and Some Videos

I hit the final third this week and it is really starting to show. My nesting has begun. I was in the kitchen all day today. Baking 6 dozen carrot muffins, dicing and steam freezing 6 cups of carrots for ham fried rice (recipe link), prepping 3 pans of freezer enchiladas, and doing dishes, dishes and more dishes! I was hoping to make some freezer french toast sticks, but my body wasn't able to move as quickly as I'd planned. Those will have to wait for another day.

The enchiladas weren't ready by the time dinner rolled around, so we ended up going out to Subway. How ironic, I spend all day in the kitchen but we have to eat out! It was actually nice to get a break though. After Subway we went to a furniture store and picked up a mattress for the kid's new bunk beds. Tomorrow should be an exciting day for them!

Here's some videos I took of the kids earlier this week.

Reid has been climbing this little rock wall for a while now, but I thought I'd better get a shot of it. He's always so proud of himself when he reaches the top.

Nell has been wearing the mermaid dress up lately. It even stays on for about five minutes at a time, which is huge for this girl. Most dress ups only last about 60 seconds, and most of them are her brothers.

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