Friday, September 26, 2014

Our first family drawing


Melts my heart.

Today during our preschool time (which is now referred to as "art project time"), Reid said he wanted to make me a heart. I drew one for him and he cut it out. Then he colored it.

Next, he told me he wanted to make Daddy a heart with a picture of our family in it. So I drew another heart (half of one on folded paper, as you can tell by that red line) and he cut it out.

He gave it to Ben when he came home from work and then asked if we could put it above the crib in the baby's room. I happily moved the crib so he could hang his masterpiece. As sweet as all that is, it's really the details that melt my heart.

This was his first attempt. He drew Ben first (far right) and then me. He tried drawing the baby in my belly but became frustrated by how it turned out. I tried to get him to just calm down and move on. So he started drawing himself, and well -- you can see how his head circle turned into a squiggle. While he panicked I simply turned the heart over and told him to try again.

Again, he started with Ben (far right), then moved on to me. He was much happier with how the baby in my belly turned out this second time. Next he drew himself. Notice, he's the only one who was given arms and he's just as big as Daddy. After he realized his size comparison to dad he started stretching out his legs and telling me how long they are. "Are my legs that long mommy?" Stretch. "See how long they are? Like Daddy's."

Then he was done.

I kept asking him if our whole family was in the picture.

Yes. Yes we were.

So we named everyone in the picture and he still didn't catch on. I finally just had to ask, "where's Nelly Belly?"

He giggled a little at his oversight and then decided he wanted to hold her in his drawing. So Nell is on the end being held by Reid.

I'm so in love with our first family drawing. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Cuter boy!

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