Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leaf Photos

Like many kids, mine have been enjoying all the leaf play. Reid had a *little* incident with leaves in his eyes and so Ben put some goggles on him. We couldn't convince him the eye problem wasn't the result of jumping from the tree into the pile, so he wasn't willing to repeat the adventure. But I can assure you Reid did fall from our tree into a leaf pile, and it was awesome. Once you try to capture something on video kids just refuse to perform. It's life. Good thing my hubby was willing, though!

That was Sunday afternoon. The below pictures were taken on my phone this afternoon.

 Yes, he still wanted the goggles.

 Her standard pose.

 Gosh I love this girl!

 Where'd Reid go?
 Oh, there he is!

1 comment:

Mom said...

LOVED the video and photos!! What a great sport (and father) Ben is!!! Tell him to come to Delta next late fall and we will let him 'fall' into our pine needle collection! Nell is growing up way too fast! I do remember you have LOTS of leaves at your house!!!

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