Monday, October 27, 2014

Perfect Day

Our Monday started out a little rough (I got the kids to an 8:00am Doctors appointment that is actually scheduled for Wednesday, oops), but the beautiful weather was bound to make today perfect. It was as warm as most of our summer days here in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Nell developed a horrible cough during the night. She wasn't much fun for most the day. We have a saying (courtesy Daniel Tiger) around here and it goes something like this "when you're sick, rest is best, rest is best." Nell knows this by heart and she was soaking it all in.

During the morning hours Reid wanted to go to a park but all I could convince Nell to do was go to the library (something I casually suggested after our failed Doctor's visit). We compromised by going to the library's story time and packing a picnic for the park.


Nell fell asleep by the time we made it to the park, so Reid and I got out and played together. Yes, I left my sleeping toddler in the car while at the park. Windows were down and we were the only people on the entire street (a really quiet street, at a really quiet park, in an even quieter neighborhood). Reid loved his play time and special snack with mommy. Once we heard Nell stirring we jumped in the car and headed home.

I laid down with her for a bit and we spent the bulk of the next three hours simply resting. But about two hours in Reid could no longer handle sitting outside when it was clearly so beautiful outside. So he played in the front yard by himself while Nell and I stayed in the front room and snuggled. I could not convince her to come outside and play. Finally, she agreed to go to the park (since she missed our first visit). So we headed to a different nearby park, one that isn't so quiet and that I knew other kids would be at, so Reid could find plenty of little buddies to play with.

Reid's in the orange, he loves being the chaser.
And that he did! There were boys from three separate families that he spent the bulk of his time running around with. About 30 minutes in one of my friends from my mom's group showed up with her two kids who are the same age as mine and her third is due just two weeks before my third. We were thrilled to see each other and chat for a bit while the boys ran around. By this time Nell was over the park and cuddled up in my lap begging to go home. It's rough being sick on such wonderfully enjoyable days. I know we won't see 70 degrees again until next May, so I made her suck it up. I did however, have soup on the menu plan and I wasn't about to change it due to the weather, so she was comforted with some yummy split-pea soup and an early bedtime when we finally made it home. Hopefully that's just the medicine she needs (that and a little Vicks).

Not sure what button I pushed to get those affects, but they work. 

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Katie the Cleaning Lady said...

You are a good mama to spend so much time with your children!! You know me...I loved cleaning house!

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