Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Drive

We took a Fall drive to/through Kettle Morraine State Park. The entire Scenic Route is about 110 miles long; we only completed the top third. 
Our first stop was at an actual Kettle. These are deep water beds (about the size of a pond) left by the glaciers as they moved through the area.

Next we stopped at Parnell Observation Tower. It was a bit of a hike just getting to the base of the tower. Ben had Nell on his shoulders and I held Reid's hand. Once we reached the tower Reid was really excited to climb up something "so huge."

"I've never been up a tower so huge in my life, huh mommy? This is super duper huge. Whoa, it's pretty cool up here." And on and on, up all 100+ stairs. Near the top he was practically sprinting ahead of me. He couldn't wait to get to the observation deck and "see the whole world from way up here."

It was windy enough that I could actually feel the tower shaking. Climbing down was not my favorite thing. I'm an up sort of person. I can climb up and up and up. Down -- I hate.

It was a wonderful drive and I can't wait to make it a yearly tradition for our family. At some point in time we'll have kids old enough to tolerate the entire 110 mile stretch. Ben really wants to go back this summer and do the ice age trail. Hopefully we do; we need to get out and enjoy beautiful Wisconsin more than we currently do. I still feel like I know Virginia way better than Wisconsin. Kids sure change everything!


Anonymous said...

Loved the photos and the story...

Mom said...

That is beautiful!!!! And the perfect time of the year to go visit with all its color!! You and Ben are so great to go take these hikes and outings. Wonderful memories for your family and great bonding time!!

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