Friday, December 26, 2014

12 months of dates

I'm really excited about the gift I gave Ben this year. Another big thanks to pinterest for a fabulous idea!

The first six or so months are mostly paid for, including babysitting money. Most months have a specific day we've marked on the calendar. I think he was pleasantly surprised. There are ten envelopes, because I combined the summer months. Here's a quick overview:

January: Snowshoeing by candlelight at a nearby wetland preserve.
February: Valentine's lunch date at Panera and a bird show at nearby wetland preserve. 
March: Building raised garden beds for a butterfly garden.
April: Order out and enjoy a redbox.
May: Nature hike and picnic at a state park.
June/July/August: Summer movie and summer concert of Ben's choice and then a camp fire snuggle in the backyard.
September: Game of disc golf and possible picnic.
October: Couple's painting at the Art Spot.
November: Scavenger hunt at Barnes and Noble (which will likely include a nice dinner and Christmas shopping in the "big city").
December: Another date night in, order out and redbox.

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Fun dates...

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