Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All My Children

I love having all three of my children in my home, together. Today was our first full day as a family of five, and what a great Christmas present that is!

Speaking of presents, we let the big kids open a present every couple of hours. When Grandma sent them home yesterday, she sent them home with lots of presents, plus they already had sibling presents under the tree. Ben figured opening presents might soften the "I can't right now, I'm helping Coraline" blow ... so it was Christmas Eve all day at this house. 

Reid has really been loving on his baby sister. He keeps asking me what I did in the hospital with Coraline while he was playing with his cousin Jazella. So I've told him all about the nurses visits and even explained the concept of a Midwife -- which he immediately wanted to be. So we played lots of "doctor" and checked Coraline's vitals all day. He also wanted to show her everything and was pretty disappointed when he realized her eyes are closed 90% of the time. 

We had some friends buy us a ready made Turkey dinner from our local grocery store and it was delicious and so very kind of them. The kids definitely noticed something special about today. Between the full house and the Christmas spirit it certainly was a special day. 

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Anonymous said...

Those are such adorable photos! Love those little munchkins!

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