Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1 Month Coraline

Another thing I'd like to try with my blog this year is monthly updates of the kiddos. I capture our day to day life pretty regularly, but I don't always stop to acknowledge big accomplishments and milestones. So each month on the date of their birth I'll take a minute to try and capture those growing moments. We'll see how it goes.

Today marks Coraline's first month of life. Which is crazy to me. At the risk of sounding totally cliche, it goes way too fast. I'll be putting away her 3 month clothes soon and filling her dresser with size 6 month. It seems that big babies grow faster than average and small babies. She's already over 12 pounds. Once she caught back up to her birth weight, she started gaining more than an ounce a day! Too fast.

Just look at how chubby those cheeks are!

Coraline is a very alert baby. Ben is always commenting how big her eyes are. She seems more aware of her surroundings than I remember the other two being. She has smiled a bit here and there, beyond the usual gas relief and sleep induced smiles. Yesterday I had her on her changing table and we started singing head, shoulders, knees and toes and she locked eyes with me and gave me a sweet little grin. 

She already has some pretty good head control, and doesn't seem to hate tummy time. Though I think she prefers laying on her side over her back or tummy. She's constantly re-swallowing when she is on her back. It breaks my heart to hear her struggle with those yucky acid gulps. 

I'm so bummed we have another acid reflux baby. I know the list of "things that could be worse" is long, but reflux is just such a vicious cycle. Eat, spit up all over clothes, need new clothes, but changing clothes makes reflux worse -- Ughhhh. Not to mention the sleep interruption and gasping breathes between swallows and vomits. And the constant rising of acid is best soothed by drinking, which leads to over feeding, which leads to more spit ups -- Ughhhh. It's rough, but I remind myself it'll all be over in 5 months or less. Goes too fast. 

She has been sleeping pretty well for us. Some nights she goes a full 5 to 6 hours, but on average it's just 3. I'm finally feeling well rested and less resentful during those middle of the night wakings. Ben is always anxious to hold her when he gets home from work. He loves having her sleep on him from the time he comes home until the time we put the big kids to bed.

The big kids still love her and can't get enough of her. They seem to have adjusted to hearing her cries at night, and they haven't been waking up with her (the key to my feeling rested -- I can handle a baby waking up every few hours, but I can't handle a baby and one of the big kids waking up every couple of hours). 

We are so grateful to have Coraline in our family. I definitely remember what it was like without her (I've never understood that cliche), but I'd never go back. She's perfect for us. 

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Anonymous said...

She is getting so big!! Definitely a Szilagyi baby. She is adorable.

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