Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finally snowed!

It's been a strange winter in Wisconsin. November saw lots of snow, but December was dry. Reid has been anxious to build a snowman, and I was beginning to think he may never get the chance. Then today happened. He was one happy boy.

Nell actually stayed out and played for more than 60 seconds, which is a new record. There are two things of note in the above photo. First, the snow around Nell's mouth; and second, the small bit of yellow in the top left corner. That's Reid's snow shovel; he was thrilled by the opportunity to bury his little sister. 

With less than an inch of dry snow, they had to get creative with their snowman building. Ben and Reid worked hard to fill buckets of snow that eventually stacked to make the Snow Monster and Olaf from Frozen. Ben said Reid also wanted to make Kristoff and Sven. Silly kid.

Ben eventually came in after about an hour of being outside, but Reid wasn't ready yet and stayed out there by himself for another twenty or so minutes. By the time he came in he was actually sweaty. His hair was soaked. I seriously can't get over how much he loves snow! The day after Christmas saw 45 degree temps (like I said, weird winter in Wisconsin), and when I told Reid and Nell to go play outside (with just light jackets on) Reid's response was "but there's no snow!"

I love my little snow monsters!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow... (in WI only, please!).

Mom said...

Reid does love his snow! I love their creations with the snow!! How cute is that. What a great dad 'Benjammin' is!

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