Friday, January 16, 2015

Flying Solo

Thanks to Ben's long paternity leave, this marks the first week I've had to handle three kids solo. There were a few hours here and there, but I'm now on my Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30 schedule. So far I've survived! Here's a list of some accomplishments and frustrations.

1. Monday I completed five errands with every kid in tow. Six if you count Reid's gymnastics class. All five were drive through errands (banks, donation drop offs, and dry cleaning), but I completed five things on my to do list either way. I was pretty proud.

2. Tuesday I sorted, washed, folded, and put away five loads of laundry. That felt like an even bigger accomplishment than the previous day.

3. During Coraline's 4am feeding Wednesday morning I heard a super gross cough come from the big kid's room, and then Reid called out for me. I shouted to Ben "Ben, wake up, Reid just threw up." Well, he hadn't ... yet. We spent all of Wednesday morning near garbage cans and toilet bowls. Ben was the only one left untouched by whatever was infecting us. But I will say it was the mildest stomach bug we've ever had at this house and I'd take it a dozen more times before any of us get something worse. It was kind of fun to spend all morning watching movies and snuggling my three kiddos.

4. On that note, How to Train Your Dragons 2 is an excellent movie. I'm glad Santa choose that instead of the Lego Movie (a little boy might have helped persuade him - besides, the Lego movie found its way into Dad's stocking). I highly recommend it and need to watch the first one now.


This happened yesterday. Fresh air and a little exercise is just what we all needed. Reid had an awesome afternoon, during Nell's nap time he spent a good hour working at his construction site. His mood really improved greatly after these two outdoor adventures.

 6. After our walk I took all three kids grocery shopping. Also, I did eight loads of laundry yesterday. Yes, eight. I had to do all the towels and bedding after our mild bug, and Coraline has a bad case of GER. I'm not sure I can handle another spit up baby. So far her volume hasn't been as bad as Reid's was (that kid was amazing), but her mood is incredibly worse -- Reid's ginormous projectile vomits never seemed to bother him (I repeat -- that kid was amazing). It's only 10am and I'm already on today's second load. So much laundry.

7.  Oh, here's something worth remembering. Though Reid and Nell spend most their day playing nicely together, they are still siblings and there is still plenty of fighting. Yesterday I was sitting between the two of them on the couch, holding Coraline, when Reid committed some offense against Nell (he yelled at her for taking his toy or something minor like that). When I went to correct both their behaviors Reid quickly smiled at Nell, hoping to soften the correction he'd receive from me. Well, Nell was not having any of it. "Reid's smiling at me!" she screamed full force and burst into tears. He found that hysterical and spent the next 30 minutes simply smiling at her. She spent the next 30 minutes crying, whining, and screaming "Reid's smiling at me mommy! Stop smiling Reid. Stop! It! Ughhhh Raaaaawr! Don't smile at me Reido!" I seriously couldn't believe it. Reid and I laughed, and being the good mom that I am, I joined in on the fun. Poor girl, had to spend the morning suffering through her mom and big brother smiling at her. It was pure torture.

PS I'm not really sure why blogger will only host one of my Christmas book posts per page. I'm super frustrated by it. Anyhow, there are three total and a couple new posts before them (top ten posts of 2014 and some pics of Reid) if you missed them. 


Anonymous said...

Shame on both of you. Nell was in pain, and you laughed!!!

Grandma said...

Nell, you need to come visit Grandma and Grandpa. We won't smile at you I promise!

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