Saturday, April 11, 2015

I cook the food

Reid's become quite the trapper lately. His traps aren't very clever, but with Daddy's help he got me pretty good, three different times today!

Ben came home from a service project while both girls were sleeping and Reid and I were downstairs. I hinted (from the basement bathroom) that Reid would love Daddy to help him make a trap, and silence soon fell upon me. I didn't really know what they were up to, but I stood in the hall waiting for Ben to give me the signal.

Basically, they think I'm a racoon! A piece of licorice lay on the floor. Above it was a large box, tilted just high enough for me to crawl in for my licorice. The box was being held by a small broom stick and of course there was a string around it. The two boys were hidden behind the recliner, at the other end of the string.

"Oh yum! Licorice" I said as I crawled inside.

The joy in Reid's voice was amazing. I was happy to oblige.

The other two traps weren't as extravagant. He later tripped me and once tried to catch my foot in a snare. But the best part of all the trapping came when Ben told me about their conversations.

"We can keep her in the box forever," Ben encouraged.

"We have to let her out to cook food," Reid replied.

"I can cook food."

"No, you can help but you can't cook food."

So there you have it, the reason Reid can't keep me in a box forever is because I cook the food! Silly boy. 


Claudia said...

That is funny!!! Yes, you can cook food! And you can't keep Ben in a box either because he can buy food! All for the love of Reid!And Nell and Coraline!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute story! What a great dad! And it looks like your safety is secured, as Ben can only "help" cook!!!

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