Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life is Good

We had a lovely Easter. Ben took work off on Friday, giving us a three day weekend. Early Friday morning we headed down to Illinois for some family time.

My children adore their Grandparents. There really are no words for it. Nell loves all the special attention they give her, and Reid thinks Grandpa is just another play mate. They built fires, played in the sandbox, and giggled all weekend long.

We also visited the Burpee Museum of Natural History. They have the world's only complete juvenile T-Rex. She was pretty cool to see. But, the giant old sea turtle (replicas) were probably even more fascinating to me.

I have no pictures of the entire weekend. Total fail.

The kids had fun dying eggs with Grandma Saturday night, and when they woke up Sunday morning that silly Easter Bunny had hidden them all over the house! Reid was so distracted by finding eggs he completely overlooked his Easter basket. Eventually he and Nell both poured out the contents of their baskets.

They found new games, outdoor toys, and (of course) some candy.

Sunday afternoon we had a big family dinner. Ben's older sister was with us all weekend, and on Sunday his older brother, with his wife and four kids, also joined us. Reid and Nell love their cousin time, and especially loved sitting around the fire with Grandma and their cousins. As I watched them from inside the house I just saw so much happiness on their face.

I wish we could give our kids cousin and extended family time more often, but for now I'll take what I can get!


Claudia said...

Sounds like a very 'egg-citing' weekend for the Szilagyi children and grandchildren! So nice to have Rick and Carol close by. They are very good to you kids, for which I am very grateful!

Anonymous said...

So glad the kids are so close to grandparents -- albeit the wrong grandparents, but grandparents nevertheless!!! Thanks Rick and Carol for being so good to our kids and grandkids. We love and appreciate you!

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