Saturday, May 30, 2015

Capturing Another Week

Apparently this weekly round up is my thing now. We'll see how long it lasts.

There were several days this week where I thought, "I really want to blog about this." Obviously, I never did. I realize what I'm really feeling is "I want to capture this moment so completely that I never forget the happiness I feel right now."

Here are a few of those moments (plus some other jabber) from each day of the week.

I've been wanting to check Reid and Nell's shoe sizes for a while, but taking all three kids to the shoe store seemed like so much work I never got around to it. With Ben on holiday we decided to go get it done as a whole family. I can't even explain how enjoyable it was. Shoe shopping, enjoyable, I know, right? But it really made me wish we had all the time in the world to do all our menial tasks with Ben in tow. He just made the whole experience wonderful. Also, we splurged on Keen's and went up two sizes ... so hopefully they won't be wearing these out -- ever.

Mid-afternoon we had our neighbors and Church friends over for a BBQ. The weather had been rainy most of the morning (which I loved for my memorial day reflections), but it was all sunshine from about 2pm on. We had a wonderful time entertaining friends.


I'm sharing this photo of Nell's organizational skills even though I already wrote about in her monthly update. Sometimes the simplest things stop me dead in my tracks. And somehow those moments make me feel so alive. I want to remember that, along with all the big moments of my life.

The bulk of our day was spent on a little field trip. A close friend and I took our kids to a nearby wetland that I absolutely love. There are several half a mile long trails and a single one mile long loop. We let the boys be our guides as we took the long way to the children's outdoor play area. When we were about a quarter mile into the trail we were blocked, and our detour (unknowingly) put us on the mile loop. We ended up hiking a mile and a half with our five little kiddos. They were dying, completely falling to pieces, on the last stretch of the hike. We kept assuring them we were almost at the outdoor play area. But they were convinced they couldn't move another step. Magically, once we spotted it through the woods they ran the entire rest of the way and somehow found enough energy to play for a good 30 minutes. Go figure.
 Little water fall area with a pond and a hand pump.

 Sometimes she acts like such a big girl, other times she does not.

This spot was new to us. It is a foot sensory area. The kids take their shoes off and then feel all the different natural objects as they walk over them. Now you see why we love Heckrodt so much.

The whole outing was wonderful. We spotted a doe before we hit our detour. I was shocked by how close we were to her before she moved. I almost sensed she knew we were oblivious to her (I was the only one that noticed, and even then we'd almost passed her). But even after we stopped and called the kids back to come look she was in no hurry to get away. That's when we noticed the tiny fawn by her side. It was the smallest fawn I've ever seen. I was so in love with that moment.

Another really fun moment was our picnic. There are several picnic tables on the grassy area between the nature center and the preserve (someone left a sundae on one table and Nell totally took a bite, thanks ya nincompoops). Just as we were starting our picnic we felt a light sprinkle. The kids were kind of put out, so we suggested they eat under the table. Mine did and loved it. But mostly we just told them to toughen up. Worried the rain would worsen, they asked what we might do if things got bad. I pointed to the shelter provided in front of the nature center and told them that would be our back up plan.

Before long I could hear the heavy rain drops in the trees nearby. I gave a quick glance at my kids and said "let's go!" I threw their food in our basket and grabbed my stroller. We made a mad dash for the over hang, giggling the entire way. In fact, we made such a roar Coraline started fussing and needed a feeding. I went inside the building to sit on a bench near the entrance and just watched my kids enjoy the moment. They were so happy and giddy about a picnic interrupted by the rain.

I'm trying to remember Wednesday and I just can't. I think we ran errands and did some grocery shopping. I remember feeling busy every day this week, but I really can't put my finger on what we did Wednesday. I do remember Ben coming home from work a little early. It was nice to have an extra hour with him during our evening family time. While I prepped dinner he entertained the kids in the back yard. I already mentioned it in Nell's monthly update, but watching the two of them on our tree swing was a tender moment. I could just see her talking up a storm, and he listened with great intent. They are both so in love with each other.


If I could be a child again for just a few short hours, I would be Reid on Thursday morning. His friend (and his sister) came over for most of the day. I've been watching them about once a week for a friend who works part time. This particular day she was full time and my only goal was keeping the babies content. I've come to conclude Coraline is fully aware of these chaotic days and my need for sanity. She slept four and a half straight hours.

All smiles once she finally woke up. 

There was a moment in the morning where the big kids were playing outside and the babies were a bit much to handle. Knowing I needed to do a quick check of the big kids I swung the kitchen screen door open and found them in the ditch behind our backyard. "Can we jump in the puddle they asked?" Sure. I had no idea how muddy it was (or how muddy they'd make it with all their splashing).

They were basically wrestling in mud. For more than half an hour. They were also in heaven.

^^^ This is my new favorite picture of Reid. They joy he had pouring out of his soul was contagious. I giggled the whole time I hosed them down before bringing them in the house for their baths. At the time I came and took these pictures both babies were asleep, and I was grateful I could witness just a little bit of their beautiful summer fun. Heaven, they were in heaven I tell ya.

The other highlight of their day was popsicles. To be a kid again.

The whole day put Reid in the best of spirits and he insisted on cleaning the whole bathroom (by himself) after his friend went home. I love my little helper. 

That evening we had the Sister missionaries over for dinner and a lesson. We enjoyed a nice BBQ; I'm so in love with grilling season! Both sisters are in the first months of their service, so they want to practice giving the lessons to our family. The kids were wonderful throughout the story of the restoration and they each answered several questions right. We still aren't really sure what caused this sudden burst of excellent behavior, but we have the missionaries totally convinced we're perfect. Now, for lesson #2.

That evening, after all the kids were in bed, Ben found a toad near our window well. He put it (along with some grass and bugs (for snacking) in one of our bug catching boxes. He was so excited for the kids to wake up and check out his find.

Friday morning I awoke to the sound of Ben putting together an aquarium. Reid asked if we could keep Mr Toad and Nell smiled at Ben so he couldn't say no. Our kids are finally proud pet owners. I heard the faint chanting "we have a pet, we have a pet, we have a pet" as they jumped up and down on the couch. 


Late morning brought more friends (the human kind) to our house. I'm participating in another busy bag swap and one of the mom's came by to use my laminator. She is also Mormon but attends a different congregation. It's always fun to spend time with her and her kids. Reid kind of absorbs his playmates temperament (still haven't decided if that is good or bad), so they spent a good portion of the playdate sitting calmly at the table while singing ABCs and Child of God. They also snacked, read books, and built some castles out of our Legos. It was a nice relaxing play date. 

I can't decide if Coraline will be a thumb sucker or a finger sucker. It's thumb to sleep and fingers to play. Most the time she has three or all four (or her whole fist) in there, but I had to snap this picture of her sucking her fingers like Reid (and her mamma). Enjoy it Grandma and Grandpa Bassett!

When Ben came home from work he had another animal surprise for the kids. He rescued a turtle on his way home. We all went over to our neighborhood pond to relocate him. Hopefully he likes his new home, but it's got to be an improvement over a dangerous highway.  After that we made a trip to the Pet store to make better accommodations for Mr Toad. Before going to bed I asked Ben how long toads live. He assured me we will release him in August.

(turtle pictures)

Saturday was rainy, rainy, rainy. We spent the morning deep cleaning our Church with the rest of our congregation. Ben had outside duty, so he was soaked. But the weeds in our flower beds are gone!  The kids and I had window and garbage duty. They sang "We're the super duper upper cleaners," the entire time we walked around the building tidying things up. After every room was scrubbed we enjoyed some hot dogs, chips, and cookies with the group. It was a really fun Church activity, something we can all take some pride in.


For this afternoon we had plans for another BBQ with some friends, but due to the rain we rescheduled for Sunday. I realize this post may make us sound super social. We are not. However, I am an extrovert (slightly at least) and I am really trying to do more with other people (above four feet). It is good for my soul, so here is hoping for a fabulous cook out once all this rain goes away!


Anonymous said...

What cute kids you have. What cute grandkids I have!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow evening -- you and Coraline!!! Loved the pictures -- especially Reid and friend in the mud!!!

Claudia said...

Sounds like a very, busy week!! Wore me right out just reading about it!!! Such a good mama to those 3 lil munchkins. They are blessed as are you and Benjammin! Loved it all. Thanks for sharing!

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