Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nell Belle Update (2.3 weeks late)

Well, I haven't blogged for so long because I just couldn't find adequate words for my Nelly Belly's monthly write up. And what kind of mother struggles with the details that celebrate her own child? 

I just keep getting stuck on the word cute. Nell is so stinking cute. Seriously adorable. Ben and I say it at least a dozen times a day. "She's so cute." And though there is an obvious bias, I don't think we are exaggerating her charm.

She's been to her Doctor four times in the last two months (darn ear aches) and this last time we went our Doctor was totally gushing over her. Seriously, the Doctor could not get enough of her winsome (yes, I'm using a thesaurus for the word "cute"). I didn't think much of it at the time, because I know how stinking cute Nell is, and I can't blame anyone for loosing restraint when they spend time with her. But the more I thought about how much the Doctor doted, the more I thought about how unique it really was. Our pediatrician sees hundreds of kids each week. That's what she does for a living. Sees kids. Helps kids. Studies kids. And here she was, gushing over my darling toddler. She was hugging and kissing her and acting like none of it could be controlled.

Nell has an uncontrollable cuteness about her.

And if that's all I can say, then darn it, it is enough! 

I want to forever remember her two finger pinch. Her thumb and her pointer finger coming together as a catch-all for "I want that" and "over there" and "give me this." There are just so many phrases that seem to require the two finger pinch. 

I want to bottle up her shoulder shrugs and keep them for my own happiness. Because that's all I feel when she walks around the house, raising her shoulders up and down as if it is totally normal to walk with hyperactive shoulder action. And mostly, this is done while she tippy-toes across the room or down the hall. It is the goofiest little walk, but all so natural to her. 

Two and a half is hands down one of my favorite stages, and I'm going to stop feeling guilty if the only way I can describe it is: CUTE! Nell is so stinking cute and we love her. 


Anonymous said...

She is adorable indeed. Loved the post. Love the girl. Love her Mom. Love the Szilagyi family.

Claudia said...

Nell is so 'flipping' cute and we can't wait to see her this fall!!

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