Sunday, April 26, 2015

Loving Spring

I have neglected my camera this year (one down side to not blogging every day). I've still been taking pictures on special occasions, but I have not blogged one non-phone picture. I love that my phone photos sync right onto my blog -- makes life so easy. The camera on the other hand, taking out that SD card is tough work! I can't believe I ever waited for a roll of film to develop! (and actually, in HS I learned how to develop film myself -- which was awesome! and that's going to be one of those stories I tell my kids about and they're gonna be all like "wow, you're old!")

Anyway, here's some snaps from our gorgeous Wisconsin April. 

Earlier this month we enjoyed our first "custard cones on the front porch" treat. 
Don't let those faces fool you, they did enjoy it. 

Last weekend the kids enjoyed their first splash in our kiddie pool. It was cold enough to need a winter hat, but warm enough to wade in our ice cold well water. 

This was one of those moments when I only said "yes" because I thought experience would be a better teacher than an explanation. Reid had been nagging and nagging to fill our pool and day after day I told him it wasn't warm enough. Well, experience really wasn't a good teacher. They had a blast and didn't mind the freezing water or chilly breeze. Winter hats kept them warm enough I suppose. 

Today, Nell wore the Easter Dress of '87. There was too much cuteness. 



It was warm enough outside we even got in a little bit of backyard play before heading to Church.

Could she be any cuter?

This is Reid, entering the awkward smile stage of life. 

But at least the awkward smile is better than this ^^^ ha, ha!

But here's the real gem. I'm going to cherish this photo of Ben with my two big kids FOREVER! It really felt like an 80s do-over when they climbed in the car and onto his lap and helped him steer home from Church.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the post! Loved Nell's dress. Agreed that the photo with Ben was a "blast from the past." You kids used to have so much fun driving and sitting on our laps!

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