Friday, April 24, 2015

Reid at 54 months

He loves building, whether it's structures at the children's museum or legos at home. 

He loves "treats," whether it's a snack from our "treat" bin, making something sweet with mom, or eating popcorn for dinner (it cooks much faster than rice).

He loves playing pretend, whether he uses action figures, dress ups, or just his plain old imagination -- that boy loves to pretend.

He loves being a big brother, and he especially loves his best friend, Nell.
"Nell, why don't you sit by me and snuggle me?"
He loves play dates and often asks to have friends over. Today, we went to the fire station with a play group. It took him awhile to warm up to everything. He was pretty terrified the firemen would get a call and we'd be stuck in the scramble of the big garage. And he didn't dare pet the dog until we were leaving (I think I could own a dalmation). 

Truth be told, being scared is a pretty common thing these days. He refuses to watch TV shows or read books that have an adult (or authority) character getting mad. Like he's straight up terrified of Llama Llama Red Pajama. So weird. He'd watch Clone Wars all day if I'd let him, but screams and leaves the room when Prince Tuesday scolds Prince Wednesday for wrecking his mud pie.

The top picture was actually taken after his visit to a near by children's hospital -- where he had an ultrasound taken for his hydronephrosis. He was crazy brave and I was so proud of him. We focused so much on being brave for the ultra sound that I kind of forgot to hype him up for the Dr appointment after, so he was a little cranky during that part. I suppose I can't blame him, we've had tons of Doctor visits this last month.

He had a mild ear infection and some pretty bad conjunctivitis early last week. He loves taking his amoxicillin and was easily bribed to be awesome for every eye drop. He's trying to save up money for a Bruder Garbage truck, so I just promised him a quarter every day for being brave about the eye drops. If you know anything about this kid and things in his eyes you'd be super impressed that we got a single drop in him, let alone six a day for five days.

Enough about sickies. I sure love this boy. My heart is both aching and bursting when I think about how quickly he is growing and how wonderfully he is filling the big boy role. 


Anonymous said...

You do love that boy!!! So do we! Cute pictures. Proud of his braveness...

Claudia said...

I remember his mom and her eye incident! Does that ring a bell with you? I love his photo of him in his punk rock black hair. He looks great as a rocker!! Cute post of a cute boy! Go eat some popcorn Reid, you deserve it!!

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