Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beautiful Morning

I awoke to their giggles.

Sweet whispers of fireworks and stuffed animals. It was the sweetest sound a day could ever start with.

They both assisted in making pancakes. Pouring ingredients, cracking the egg, mixing the batter, pouring the batter, and even flipping the finished product onto their plates. They inspected their pet spiders while they enjoyed their pancakes. Gross, I know. But Dad has some influence around here as well. 

At the library, Nell was heard under the soft reading of the librarian "Reido, can I sit on your lap? I wanna sit on your lap Reid. Can I sit on your lap?" He was too engrossed in the book to say yes, but his body language was clear and she eventually caught on and cuddled up in her big brother's arms.

I couldn't remember where I'd put my cell phone and missed the opportunity of capturing a photo, but it was the pinnacle of sweetness.

I'm so glad they are best buddies. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cute story. Cute pictures. Love Nell's hair!!! I think that girl's going to wear a lot of hats...

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