Monday, April 20, 2015

Coraline Hits Four Months

 Month 2-3

Month 3-4

You can tell I love holding my little Coraline when she falls asleep after a feeding. I want those memories etched deeply into my mother mind. I love babies, but I'm not a romantic about them. They puke all the time, causing me to smell all the time. My last two didn't take bottles, making it impossible for me to be away for more than a couple of hours. There are a lot of things I don't love about babies. But I LOVE the sleepy after feeding snuggles. Not just the sleep snuggles, nor the awake after feeding snuggles. I love the sleepy after feeding snuggles. 

Nell loves to speak baby talk to Coraline, which has resulted in a few new nicknames. "Bootchy Boo" is the most common one I speak. My little bootchy boo is one tough cookie. She's already suffered an ear infection and has had more runny noses and coughs than Reid did during his first two years of life!

Her singing coos are the sweetest music in my ears. I just love how happy she sounds as she "uhhh, uhhh-ehhhs" her morning away. She has a little gargle sound that accompanies most her little songs and it just cracks me up. 

She's still a fussy one, and spends much her day crying. Like Nell, my holding her (or feeding her) doesn't offer much comfort. When she wants to cry she just cries. So I often lay her down in her crib and let her soothe herself. She's a fabulous self soother. 

I can't even remember the last time she woke up in the middle of the night for a feeding. Just last night she slept from 6pm until almost 8am. I know, I shouldn't even share that info -- I'm certain I've cursed myself and now she'll be up all night. 

She's gaining strength in her legs and stomach and is able to hold her self up with minimal assistance. It's always fun to watch babies sit up and eye the room, acting like a real big kid or something. She loves her little play mat and spends a lot of time swatting her toys each day. She holds on to some teething balls for a few minutes at a time, and we've now put a toy on her car seat, but it mostly frustrates her as she's so determined to pull the whole thing into her mouth. It's pretty entertaining to watch, really. 

She does entertain all of us. Nell still loves to tell people her mom has a new baby. Reid spends a little time each day concerned for her welfare. Coraline's favorite position is in my arms, looking out at Dad. She gives him the biggest smiles and loudest shrills. And I love it. 

She's perfect.   


Claudia said...

Happy 4 months Lil Coraline!!! We are so very happy you choose to join this family! What a beautiful little baby you are! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little Bootchy Boo! Loved the pictures -- all, except the one with an elephant on the t-shirt. No reference to the GOP in this house, please. Burn it NOW!!

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