Friday, April 17, 2015

Date Night

Ben and I had a date planned for tonight. Once he came home from work I started frantically preparing in order to be ready before the babysitter arrived. Cause you know -- I don't always get a shower in before 4pm.

Anyway, I was changing Coraline's diaper in the nursery when I heard Reid holler from the bathroom. "Mom!"

"What Reid," I responded in my what NOW Reid tone.

"I hope you have lots of fun on your date tonight mom," he said in his sweetest tone possible.

"Oh, that's so sweet buddy."

"And I have poops."

"Okay, I'll come wipe them in just a second." I had to finish wiping the one I started with.

"Mom, do you want to take a picture of me so you can take it with you on your date?"

"Sure, that's a good idea buddy."

"Well, I was thinking about how cameras work and how ..."

We tried to get Nell to join in, but she was already busy playing with the babysitter. As I snapped this photo he said "I was thinking you'd want a picture of your handsome boy while you're gone."


You may remember my 12 months of dates Christmas gift I gave Ben. This is how much snow we had when we were suppose to go snowshoeing:

in January, in Wisconsin. It was a crazy winter. So, we didn't get to go snowshoeing. And we totally forgot to get a babysitter for our February date. BUT! We have been on five dates so far this year, so even though most my plans have failed we have managed to exceed my goal. Our dates have been:
January: Trip to Appleton for a dinner and some mall/bookstore window shopping.
February: Nothing, oops.
March: Dinner in Illinois while the kids slept at Grandma and Grandpa's. 
            Temple trip to see friends sealed to their daughter.
            Dinner and a movie with a group of friends.
April: Dinner and a Church fireside with a group of friends (tonight). 
It has been so wonderful to get out more than usual. The kids love having a babysitter, and I don't begrudge the money spent. I clearly see the benefits of monthly date nights, and I'm so glad we are making it a priority. 


Claudia said...

So glad you had a photo of that handsome little boy with you while you were on your date! He is the sweetest little boy ever!

Anonymous said...

Love that Reid. He is a very sweet young man -- who loves his mom dearly. I love the fact that you go on dates. How wonderful. Hope your mom doesn't get any crazy ideas from your escapades...

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