Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kids and Mud

Some parents dream of giving their kids a better childhood than they themselves had. 
Some of us simply dream of giving them one as magical as our own. 

We had our little friend over two times last week. In order to keep the boys out of the giant mud puddle on Tuesday I promised them we'd play in our little pool on Thursday. His mom tells me he went home and put out his swimming suit right away. Ha ha. 

It wasn't as warm as I'd anticipated, but they insisted on playing in that pool. Aren't they so cute?

I gave them a few water toys and things quickly turned. I should have known. They've been digging a pair of big holes in the garden for weeks. It only makes sense to fill them up.

I love how kids' play looks a lot like work. 

 These boys take a little too much pride in their messes.

   "Hey Reid, you got something on your back, let me get it off for you." 
His exact words. Who knew four-year-olds could be so clever?

Nell decided she wanted in on the fun. Reid's back was caked by the time they were done. 

 I love my little mud princess. 

There was a part of me that kept thinking "you've officially lost your mind!" But (in my mother's voice) "it all washes off" and "let them be kids" obviously prevailed. Besides, we are going to plant the garden soon and this is their last chance to play in the mud.

I tell ya what, looking back at this whole day really reminds me how magical childhood can be. I'm so grateful my kids can feel safe and secure in their own childhoods. 

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Anonymous said...

Memories!!! Loved each and every picture!

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