Sunday, June 28, 2015

The real reason we love the Midwest

While I'm in the habit of writing about how wonderful the Midwest is, let me share my #1 favorite thing about it ... Grandma and Grandpa Szilagyi!

They, along with Aunt Katie and my 2nd newest nephew, Mason, came for a visit yesterday. But timeout, let's discuss what I just said: 2nd newest nephew. I have a six month old baby and she isn't even the youngest grand kid on either side of the fam. I love that my kids have so many cousins on both sides (11 Bassett cousins, 7 Szilagyis -- all in a nice 10 year span). The only thing that could make life more perfect is if we all lived within 90 miles of each other ... but not in Utah ... I'm not ready for Utah (yet).

Anyway, Nell was napping when Rick and Carol showed up, but we'd promised her we'd wake her up when they arrived. I wish I would have videoed her coming out of her room. It was a mad dash to Grandma! There were toys and shoes in the way, and she was dodging them all like an Olympian, refusing to slow down until she landed safely in Grandma's arms. It was soooooooo cute.

Even cuter than this:

And this:

And I'm pretty sure those pictures just made your heart swell (cause how could they not?) -- yes, it was that cute!

And here are some more photos that capture our day.

This girl's strut ...

... I could watch it ...

 ... all. day. long!

My boys are pretty cute too!

A big thanks to Rick, missing in all our pictures, for capturing our play at home and trek at Heckrodt. 


dad said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Love those Szilagyis. Glad you live so close.

Claudia said...

So Happy you have family close by and the Szilagyis are wonderful to you all! Glad you appreciate it! Love the post.

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