Friday, June 26, 2015

Strawberry Picking

In my effort to be more social I tried inviting a couple different friends Strawberry picking, but I failed each time. So this morning I woke up and just took the kids! It was ... interesting.

On my way out one woman told me I was brave. She was so relaxed and had two crates full of beautiful strawberries. I had a screaming baby and mostly bruised strawberries. But, as she pointed out, we enjoyed ourselves and made a great memory.

Reid's favorite part was the tractor ride out to the farm.

They were such hard workers!

Actually, Nell wasn't very helpful at all.
So I decided to focus on her strengths.
Coraline didn't really enjoy all the bending over I was doing with her in the carrier, so I laid her down in the patch and asked Nell to entertain her.

She didn't really enjoy that either. 
But look at Nell, she's trying so hard to soothe her! Love that girl. 

This is what my kids look like when the yell "Strawberries!"

... and here they are eating strawberries.  

It was a pretty good morning. 


Mom said...

I think that looks like a 'berry' fun time! Fresh picked strawberries sound delish! Loved the photos of the cute little pickers and the baby in the strawberry patch. Fun, fun, fun!

Dad said...

Cute pix! Looks like overall, you had a good time...

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