Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kiddo Updates

Coraline had her six month check up and Reid hit 56 months today, so I'll just do a quick update for each kiddo in one post.

Coraline, 6 mos
17 lbs, 3 ounces (67%)
27 1/4 inches (89%)

She had her first bites of real food in Utah (psst, Mom, I need those pictures off your phone), but she didn't really start eating until we got home -- about June 11th. I feed her solids twice a day and so far she loves them all -- bananas, avocados, peas, carrots, applesauce, and peaches. She eats way more than I remember the other two eating at this stage.

She started rolling from her back to her tummy right after her 5 month mark. It took her a little longer to figure out tummy to back (which is backwards, most kids learn that one first).

I found her first tooth on her 6 month mark. She was so happy when I started rubbing that sharp little point sticking out of her bottom gums. Ben and the kids were at the store, so we just played and played with that pointy little tooth. I don't think I've ever seen her giggle so much. It was heavenly.

She is by far the fussiest baby I've ever had. She's also the goofiest. She just can't seem to decide how to suck her fingers. Lately she's been putting them in her mouth backwards, which is sure to cause huge dental problems. Also, it's thrice as slobbery as the other options. When she sleeps, she usually has her two middle fingers in her mouth, but she still occasionally sucks her thumb. Another goofy thing she does is pant. When she's happy but not happy enough for a giggle she pants. Just like a puppy. It is so goofy. It's Ben's favorite thing about her.

Reid, 56 mos
Reid just started Tot Time through our Rec Department. It's basically a playground group monitored by College and High School students, ninety minute sessions four days a week (weather permitting). When I picked him up today his first words were "We had fruit snacks!" That's my Reid, food is the highlight of his day. He also showed me a chalk outline of himself. He was pretty proud to stare down at his body on the concrete. And I was pretty proud of my 50cent a session investment. It's going to be a good summer.

He loves our monthly High Five (younger version of the popular Highlights) magazine. The silly pictures and hidden pictures are his favorite. But he also likes the different games included each month. This month was an independent reader, and he's been very proud of himself as he's learned to "read" the book all by himself.

He loves to talk about science. I mean that literally. We'll be looking at a picture in a story and he'll say "let's look at the science, see this animal ..." and then proceed to tell me all about the "science" in each picture.

He loves our pet toads. Yes, that is plural. Ben found another toad this morning, and both he and Nell are so happy Mr Toad finally has a Mrs. I'm hoping they don't kill each other.

He also loves Star Wars. It all started when his Aunt Katie sent him some money for his birthday. He was to save half and spend half, so Ben took him to Goodwill and (strongly) persuaded him to buy a Star Wars ABC board book. He had it memorized within a week. He can't identify all the letters in his name, but he could tell you B is for Boba Fett and U is for Ugnaught and everything in between. Next he noticed the Clone Wars Yoda on Netflix and begged and begged to watch it. I'm conflicted about the whole thing. My general rule is no to TVY-7, but I conceded one day (or maybe Ben watched one with him, I don't really remember how it started) and it's been his favorite thing ever since. I don't mind the episodes where the Jedi's fight the Droids (and those are his favorite), but the episodes get increasingly violent and quickly morph into human vs human combat, and I don't love that. So every day is a battle. Once Nell goes down for her nap he starts asking for Star Wars. On the flip side, all the reading has been wonderful and he's made some awesome Lego creations. And (perhaps the most positive outcome) I finally know the legendary Star Wars story. It's actually brilliant and wonderful and totally something I would let me kids get into ... as they get older.

Nell, 33 mos
I swear Nell is just too grown for her age. She definitely still fits the toddler stage, but she also keeps up with the big kids without any struggle. We had a seven year and extra four year old over last week and she didn't miss a beat. Whenever I talk to Reid about going to Preschool Nell reminds me that she's ready to go to Preschool too. I have a feeling it will be a long two year wait for this little girl.

She loves playing mommy and takes excellent care of her baby dolls (and her baby sister).

This morning, as we were leaving our Doctor's appointment, we reached the end of a crosswalk and she turned to the car waiting for us and waved "okay, it's your turn now." It was the cutest, sassiest little toddler wave. The driver had her window down and just burst into laughter.

Her sleeping habits are my favorite. She has to have a book. She sings an hour worth of songs at bedtime. She snuggles me tight around the neck and asks for "You are my Sunshine" before I leave her for her nap. When I read her stories at nap time I lay my head on her Olaf pillow and she makes fart noises. We spend minutes giggling while I scold Olaf for farting. We wave our hands at the stink. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

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Mom said...

What cuties these 3 little munchkins are!! Can't wait till September and they can come and entertain us!

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