Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Reading Program

The Midwest really does family living right. As I mentioned yesterday, we have no shortage of parks. We also have an amazing library system. Actually, when I told a favorite (former) coworker about our (then) upcoming move to Wisconsin her first response was "You're going to love the libraries in the Midwest." She'd grown up in Ohio and had fond memories of Midwest living.

We signed up to read 20 minutes a day through out the summer. The kids will earn prizes each time they complete 14 days worth of reading. This has actually been really good for me, as I've realized our bedtime routine only gives us 7-10 minutes of reading. I usually do read a few books through out the day (and Nell gets stories before her naps), but the reading program is a good reminder to be sure and read three or four times a day.

In addition to the prizes, each week our library hosts an entertaining kid event (plus the regular story time). Last week we went to a local musician's performance; today we enjoyed a clown show. Reid was in heaven both times. Last week he tried new dance moves and was super excited when his persistence paid off. I love seeing frustration turn into excitement.

They are still singing a couple of the songs they learned. The clown show was all giggles. And Reid was really excited to go up and talk to one of the performers after the show. "Where did you get all your great tricks?" was his big backstage question. The duo was part of the Ringley Circus, so I have a feeling he was underestimating how much practice he's really put into his skills.

Earlier today we had our little friends over, and I (finally) went to the Doctor about the horrible sinus pressure I've been having the last two weeks. Our neighbor came over to babysit. It was a dream going to an appointment by myself. I ran a few errands on our way home from the library, and by the time I pulled into the garage I had a van full of snoozing kids.


Scott said...

Great post. I'm glad you're loving the midwest. It sounds like a great place to live.

Claudia said...

So what did the Doctor say??? I better call and find out!

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